Indigenous Organizations Call for National Mobilization in Colombia

Published November 1, 2019

Indigenous Organizations Call for National Mobilization in Colombia

As of Nov. 8, social organizations will begin new rallies to protest the murder of indigenous leaders.

The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC) called on the population to join the national mobilization that will take place on November 8 in response to the far right governments disregard for the 2016 Peace Agreement.

“We call on all Colombian society to stand up in defense of life, rights and territories,” ONIC senior advisor Luis Kankui said.

“The Ivan Duque administration is responsible for the massacre and genocide to which indigenous peoples are being subjected.”

On Tuesday, five indigenous leaders of the Nasa people, among which was the Tacueyo shelter governor Cristina Bautista, were killed by members of irregular groups related to drug trafficking and paramilitary forces.

“Indigenous peoples are a mobilization force,” he said, adding that indigenous people have always defended life in Colombia.

The ONIC spokesperson also mentioned that his organization will file a second lawsuit for indigenous genocide in Colombia.

“We are not going to remain still before the massacres to which this government is condemning the aboriginal peoples,” he stressed.

This day of demonstrations follows a collapse of the peace agreement, and the remobilization of guerrilla forces in the country.