Incendiary Attack on Ford Car Dealership in Athens, Greece

Published July 21, 2020

Incendiary Attack to Ford Car Dealership in Athens, Greece

Besieged bodies among the concrete, between the cameras eyes, crossing daily life with careful but daring steps, moved by an ethic forged by negations.

We are folks that woke up from the social lethargy, having as weapon our solidarity to the fighting individuals towards the world. We want to be the crack that will join the others, destroying a system that represents injustice and “deadly injuries”.

So, on the night of 7/7/2020, we chose to plant four incendiary devices at the Ford car dealership of Sfakianakis company, resulting in three burnt-down vehicles and a destroyed showcase. Our target was totally not random, as this specific company equips the state apparatus with vehicles, and also the moment of our attack coincides with the uprising in USA, the homeland of Ford.

By that, we choose to be the aroma of night-flower that bungs the nostrils of the decay, and we want this smell to break every authoritarian nose, to close every mouth that pukes shit, to cut every hand, full of racism, homophobia and sexism, that points at our bodies.

Carmine Night-Flowers