Incendiary Attack on ThyssenKrupp for Dimitris Koufondinas in Berlin, Germany

Published February 26, 2021

Incendiary Attack on ThyssenKrupp for Dimitris Koufondinas in Berlin, Germany

“Damn war. We didn’t want this war, it was forced on us. We have said that we will fight in this last war, for a society without injustice, without the exploitation that gives rise to war. So that the war will end once and for all.”

For 46 days, Dimitris Koufondinas, revolutionary prisoner and member of the November 17 group (17N), has been on a hunger strike to protest against the recent tightening of conditions for political prisoners. In the meantime, he has also started a thirst strike and is in critical condition. His survival in this state is a matter of hours or days.

Despite the fact that in Greece, because of his situation, every day, there are attacks against the state apparatus and its officials, the political leaders of this country give no sign that they want to avoid the destruction of Dimitris' political identity and body.

The progress of Dimitris' hunger strike shows us two things about the current power relations in Greece: firstly, it shows with brutal clarity that, for a revolutionary subject in the hands of the Greek state, the prospects for self-determined action are reduced to the point of being unrecognizable. Secondly, it is now clear to what murderous aim was to lead and will lead the ever stronger attacks by the Greek state against revolutionary structures that we have seen in recent years. The social and revolutionary movements - which, worn out and disillusioned after years of Troika rule, have lost some of their influence and, under the center-left government of Syriza, have to some extent disarmed themselves in terms of of revolutionary criticism and politics - face, since the first day of the coming to power of Néa Dimokratía (ND), a generalized attack against their social, territorial and political conquests: gradual privatizations, increased spending by the military and police while reducing funding for hospitals and schools, de facto bans on assemblies, countless evictions from social centers and squatted homes.

Even the university asylum, known until now as untouchable, won after hard battles and finally taken for granted by Greek society since the end of the military dictatorship, has not stood up to reactionary forces close to ND. Despite a broad rejection of the military dictatorship, in “democratic” Greek society, many officials and collaborators of the Junta have been able to maintain their political and economic influence, to this day. Néa Dimokratía was and remains their party (ideologically and in composition) and is now doing everything she can to roll back social gains, without hiding it. Even the cops, who, with the Golden Dawn party ban, briefly lost their spirit guides, are now seeing their wildest dreams come true with the ND government.

The 17N fought for 27 years against imperialism and all those who profited from the Greek Military Junta. Its history is that of urban guerrilla warfare and is therefore part of the history of all groups and individuals fighting in Europe.

In addition to the attacks on companies like IBM, Siemens and Miele, and the rocket attack on the house of the German ambassador, to counter the advance of imperialism and privatization for the benefit of the corporate world, we owe them the recognition of their revolutionary spirit.

Even after your arrest, Dimitris, you never gave up the fight. You have kept your political position consistent, you have told the story of 17N and you have always placed it in the context of the current conflicts against the state. Your political position is, until now, a part of our revolutionary history, which will not stop. In this sense: the struggle continues!

To make at least a small solidarity contribution to the demands of the comrade on hunger strike, as well as our need for revolutionary perspectives, we set fire to a car owned by the German company ThyssenKrupp. ThyssenKrupp is the supplier of a fundamental pillar of the Greek nationalist effort: its fleet of submarines.

If the state kills Dimitris, the streets will burn again in Greece. We would also like to fight on the spot, alongside our comrades. But even in Germany, collaborators of Greek militarism, counterinsurgency and the state apparatus are everywhere. They will have to pay for it!


Note: Photo is from previous attack on ThyssenKrupp.