Incendiary Attack Against Vehicle of Multinational Oil Company Eni in Genoa, Italy

Published July 31, 2019


An incendiary attack was carried out against a vehicle of the multinational oil and gas company Eni in Genoa, Italy on July 30 in solidarity with anarchist prisoners. The following is their statement.

July 30, 2019: The principle motive that drives us to get involved, in person, without keeping our backs to the wall from fear of possible repressive consequences, is the awareness that we are not free. Even outside the walls of the disgusting prisons, we live in a world that is realistically comparable to an open-air prison. The chains we wear are partly accepted as everyday necessities, most perceive them, as almost indispensable physical needs, for example the use of computers, smartphones, means of transport… These chains are imposed on us from above by what has become something more and more akin to Orwell’s “big brother.” Those who govern know full well that they have done a remarkable job in terms of mass distractions, induced needs, and artfully induced confusion to make even the oppressed aim to be the oppressors, identifying the enemy in those who are on the bottom step.

The State should know that, in spite of everything, there will always be individuals who do not accept their delusions of omnipotence, who cannot help but feel the weight of their chains and consequently organize themselves to destroy them.

And so it was done to an Eni car.

Eni is the company with the highest annual turnover in Italy and plays a key role in the global economy exporting gas and oil. They insure their profits with the blood of thousands of civilians, they actively cooperate with the Libyan militias that protect their oil fields, the same militias who run camps where rape, torture and murder are carried out every day.

As was the case in Italy of Faisal Hossai, a 32 year old Bengali man who died in early July inside the CPR (pre-deportation prison) in Turin.

Attacking Eni means attacking the Italian State and its economic interests.

Our prerogative is to attack the structures, means and anyone who feeds and defends repression, doing so informally, enjoying moments of joy that are indispensable in escaping from the resignation of daily life.

The ways to attack them are many, we work with imagination and cunning.

Death to the oppressors!

Long live the Black Internationale!

Fire to the CPR camps and the prisons!

Solidarity with all anarchist prisoners.

(via Anarhija)