Incendiary Attack Against Migrant Prison Construction Company in Montreal

Published November 1, 2019

Incendiary Attack Against Migrant Prison Construction Company in Montreal

Their statement:

“By accepting to be the general contractor for the new Laval migrant detention center, Tisseur Inc. made a grave mistake. On the night of October 26th we decided to make our contribution to the struggle against the system of borders and prisons in all its forms. We set fire to a truck on the banks of the Lachine Canal, on the site of another Tisseur project. We’re not done.

– anarchists”

In 2016 the federal government in Canada announced the construction of a new migrant detention center in Laval.

This prison, which is anticipated to hold up to 158 undocumented migrants, is intended to be built on Correctional Service of Canada grounds, right beside Leclerc prison, and is slated to open in 2021.

The new prison in Laval is part of a $138 million package announced by the federal government to accompany its 2016 National Immigration Detention Framework (NIDF). Of the total, $122 million is allocated for the construction of two migrant prisons. Two Quebec-based firms, Lemay and Groupe A, have signed $5M contracts to build the prison in Laval.

The new prisons serve to expand the CBSA’s capacity for border terrorism, to imprison and deport migrants and to rip people away from their families and communities. Since 2000, at least 16 people have died in CBSA custody.

Anarchists have been active in fighting the construction of these migrant prisons. Acts of sabotage have been ongoing, with attacks on prison construction infrastructure and the firms behind its development happening continuously; a BMV of the Vice President of the architecture firm designing the migrant prison being set on fire on June 11th.


Found at Anarchists Worldwide