Incendiary Attack Against a FORD Dealership in Memory of the George Floyd Uprising in Athens, Greece

Published July 20, 2021

Incendiary Attack Against a FORD Dealership in Memory of the George Floyd Uprising in Athens, Greece

The attack took place on the night of July 1st in the Athens suburb of Gyzi. Two vehicles and the facade of the building were destroyed in the attack. The attack is claimed by ‘Thousands of Night Suns’.

Excerpts from communique:

“A year before the lines of this text, George Floyd was abused to death and murdered by US cops. Violent conflicts erupt in much of the United States with the main expression being the oppression of the African-American community and beyond. Demonstrations break out internationally from country to country. In Greece, various actions take place. For our part, a year later we keep alive the flame and the memory of the dead and the oppressed of our class.”

“It is obvious that in the unprecedented situation we live in with the pandemic and the intensity of the crisis, the bosses want a social desert where the individual is controlled while working and is increasingly isolated. At the same time, the trade war of the pharmaceutical cartels is becoming ruthless, states are being militarized and societies are being turned into endless prisons. In the same context, capitalism is becoming more greedy for the environment and wildlife.”

“…Ford’s relationship with U.S. cops is widely known. It is one of the companies that has strengthened the repression exercised by the American state by providing equipment and vehicles. Even in Greece in Laconia, Ford Motor Hellas granted a vehicle worth 48,000 euros for the needs of OPKE cops for the second time. The Mayor of Sparta has excellent relations with this company, while the deputy mayor Thanasis Karlaftis, a former cop, stressed: “I wish other delegations to follow the example of Ford for the benefit of the citizens”.”

“PS: A year ago, our comrade Vassilis Maggos was killed by the cops. This action is a reminder that he is by our side in our hottest moments. It is the least we can say in front of what happened. Let the memory crush oblivion and let our hatred rise in the streets.



Note: Photo is from previous attack on Ford.