Incarcerated Comrade Reports Physical Confrontations Between Guards and Prisoners in Missouri

Published June 20, 2020

Incarcerated Comrade Reports Physical Confrontations Between Guards and Prisoners in Missouri

June 11, 2020


When it is said reform should be taken seriously, the Missouri Department of Corrections is the only place that refuses to see reality for what it is. When “Europeans” (so called white) staff members who have racial hatred installed in their heads, given a job to run over African Americans (so called black) prisoners without anybody from the prison industry correcting them, then society has failed us all! We have been called on by prison staff to lock down five times out of the last several days, simply because staff and prisoners are at odds and physical confrontations are at the helm of this madness. Prisoners have no staff to turn to in reporting what has happened to them, because staff has a “us against them” concept. Accountability is none in the MIssouri Department of Corrections and I believe prisoners feel that the only way they can receive justice is become combative with guards. Each time I looked up from recreation or just sitting around, when all the guards take off running in the same direction…this is an indication staff is involved in a physical confrontation. As stated, in the Missouri Department of Corrections, staff doesn’t respect staff, so it’s obviously clear they won’t respect prisoners. (e)specially not the so-called Afircan American! We continue seeing these brutal and physical confrontations, because nobody will address with common sense nor question why is this happening in the exact same Housing Units #4 and #5 each time guards are found running in these directions? The staff here refuse to take accountability. We’re being punished because of Covid-19 and as a result of this punishment, we get limited recreation (45 minutes) per day, staff refusing to wear masks, yet, request us wear them going into the medical unit, we all pile up in the chow hall stacked behind one another, but they’re stopping the virus! Thank you!

These are the day to day episodes of madness we endure as worthless people who have been dually convicted and sentenced to come back out into society and kill innocent people because of the way to so-called Department of Corrections, designed to assist in the preparation of correcting ones behavior, as sentenced, have failed to do. Until we get the right mindset and hold everyone responsible and accountable, which isn’t all the staff may I add, we have to reform in the grievance system to the basic communication system, before anything can become a positive act. Peace and Allah’s Love and Mercy!