In Haiti Two Policemen Fired on As They Try to Remove Barricades

Published December 2, 2019


In Arcahaie, two policemen who removed barricades wounded by bullets

Unidentified armed individuals fired on two policemen from the Departmental and Law Enforcement Unit (UDMO) who were trying to remove barricades obstructing the national road # 1, at Arcahaie level. One of them was injured in the leg.

An agent of the 24th promotion of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) was killed, on November 19, in the locality called in Chalon at the 1st communal section of Miragoane, while he was trying to to remove barricades.

The Context

People in Haiti are frustrated about extreme inequality. There is a class of very wealthy people and a large amount of people living on less than $2 per day. US backed PHTK party is drawing the ire of people for hoarding money and resources and depriving the people of Haiti.

There recently was a scandal of the Haitian government stealing several billion dollars from a deal, called Petrocaribe, made with Venezuela. Petrocaribe is an oil alliance that includes Haiti and several other Caribbean and Central American countries. The deal gave Haiti discounted fuel and the profits were supposed to be used to build sustainable infrastructure for the country. No infrastructure or programs were ever created and most of the money was stolen by government officials. Instead fuel prices have been increased, making the cost untenable for Haitians.

Recent Events

On November 19th, protesters in Saint-Marc burned the American flag. These protesters say they did this because of The United States’ interference in Haitian politics. This date is the anniversary of the battle of Vertieres, and protesters took to the streets to demand the resignation of president Jovenel Moise. Demonstrations also took place outside the US embassy on November 30th.

On November 30th, the Dominican Republic imposed a ‘military siege’ along Haiti border. Hundreds of Haitians have been detained in the last four days by Border Security (Cesfront) guards and Army soldiers in communities of the Northwest.

On December 1, residents of Mariani reported that police and local PHTK members committed a massacre in their community. Nine were shot by police and six confirmed dead.

Today, December 2, workers at Ministry of Finance in Haiti’s capital sheltered in place after shots fired at the building.