International Freedom Battalion Message From the Frontline

Published November 29, 2019

International Freedom Battalion Message From the Frontline

The revolutionary alliance in Rojava, the International Freedom Battalion, released a voice recording from the frontlines. Below is an English translation of their statement:

Greetings to all of you who are listening to us. As you know the lands of Rojava are occupied. We, as revolutionaries from Turkey, gathered our power with the International Freedom Battalion. With the spirit of united revolution, we are resisting against the invaders. We are at the resistance line in Til Temir.

We join the operations together with the Kurdish and Arab peoples and other forces who are fighting against the occupying forces. We don’t just have a fate commonality with the resisting powers and peoples of Rojava in the sense of fight, but also in the sense of preventing the revolution to drown. Our bloods got intermingled.

You all have known Aynur, Imran and Ceren. We are their comrades! Just like them, we take our positions to not give any passage to the invaders. We have built a strong comradeship. Our power in the war consists of this strong comradeship and of the vows we made to our immortal comrades.

We, as the fighters of the International Freedom Battalion, are determined to not let the invaders pass. The Turkish state is occupying Rojava and tyrannizing the peoples of Turkey.

We call on all of you who are listening to us to not remain silent against this occupation and cruelty. The only way of liberation is resistance against fascism! As long as we are resisting, no one should have any doubts about gaining the victory. We wish everybody good luck and success!