Strike in High Security Prison in Chile in Context of Pandemic

Published May 11, 2020

Strike in High Security Prison in Chile in Context of Pandemic

In the high security prison, in the sector of 2 and 3 H Norte, a strike mobilization has been going on for fifteen days. This is to demand all the food rations that correspond to the gendarmerie since they are usually lacking in prison normality (also the idea is to make the jailer work because the porters who distribute the food will not do it either in protest).

This modality has been used for decades in prisons and is often confused with the hunger strike.

In addition, every night at 10:00 p.m. there is a general knocking on bars and doors as part of the protest.

This mobilization is framed in the context of pandemic prevention and as a necessary moment to express our demands, which are:

  1. Change of precautionary measures for the accused who are in preventive detention, making prevail the principle of presumption of innocence that is supposed to prevail legally.

  2. That the intra-penitentiary benefits be accelerated and granted to all those who meet the base requirements. Without putting other demands that appear as obstacles.

  3. That the article of Law 321 (which regulates conditional liberties) be repealed so that it is applied accordingly, that is, from its promulgation and not retroactively.

  4. That additional freedom formulas be sought that include cases of people with disabilities, chronic diseases, faultless behavior, percentage of compliance with the sentence, acquisition of office, etc. Beyond those contemplated in a normal application.

We are 25 prisoners in this mobilization who make the call to break the isolation and for those in solidarity to demonstrate in the way that is possible and necessary according to where and how they are in this context of pandemic and social control.


Modules 2 and 3 H North of the high security prison.

Santiago de Chile.

Note: This communication was received and disseminated on May 5, 2020. We highlight that in this mobilization that takes place in the High Security Prison, where the subversive comrade Marcelo Villarroel SepĂșlveda, who is in module 3 H North, convicted of bank robberies (the most remembered in which Paco Moyano died in 2007) also carries other convictions under military justice for actions when he belonged to the Mapu-Lautaro urban guerrilla. Here we leave a statement with the respective information: https: //