Hunger Strike By Prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas Ends in Success

Published May 25, 2019

Hunger Strike By Prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas Ends in Success

Political prisoner, Dimitris Koufontinas has ended his hunger strike, which began on May 2nd (21 days ago), after the penal section of the Supreme Court in Greece accepted an appeal filed by the court’s top prosecutor against the rejection of his prison furloughs.


Dimitris Koufontinas thanks everyone who acted in solidarity, the doctors and the staff of Volos Hospital and every progressive person who recognized the justness of his struggle.

Due to his hunger strike, Dimitris will remain hospitalized in the ICU and then in a hospital ward to begin his recovery and a gradual return to regular eating and to restore his ability to move and walk.

To close this brief note, we must say that it is a victory for the hunger strike of this political prisoner and the solidarity movement who once again stood firmly behind him.

Thursday May 23 2019

Dimitris Koufodinas is part of the November 17 group and is currently serving 11 life terms. Novener 17 was an urban guerrilla group the supported its revolutionary activities with bank robberies, netting approximately $3.5 million. They sucessfully waged campaigns against the Greek state, and businesses, as well as American, Turkish, and British targets. The group’s name, 17N, refers to the final day of the 1973 Athens Polytechnic uprising, in which a protest against the Greek Military Junta took place.

On May 12, Police and offices of the ruling SYRIZA party at Koumoundourou square in Athens, Greece were attacked with molotovs this week in solidarity with political prisoner Dimitris Koufodinas, who has been on hunger strike since May 2nd.