Hunger Strike by Mapuche Prisoners in Angol Prison, Chile

Published December 24, 2020

Hunger Strike by Mapuche Prisoners in Angol Prison, Chile

To public opinion, local, national and international

We communicate the following.

From the Angol prison, ninth region of Araucanía.

The accused prisoners of the module

-Juan lican Manquel

-Patricio lican Manquel

-Felipe Espinoza

We inform that we have been on a liquid hunger strike for 23 days, as we have been deprived of liberty for 9 months, accused of an alleged homicide that we have never committed; the racist prosecutor, Enrique Vázquez Inostroza, only maintains a supposed audio which involves us as those responsible for the facts, which is not true; that is why we have decided to carry out this mobilization until the racist prosecutor listens to us and a reversal of the case is made, because it does not have a substantial argument in the investigation that is carried out against us; we will reach the last consequences with our mobilization and whatever happens to our health we hold the Collipulli Guarantee Court and Prosecutor’s Office fully responsible.

Sincerely the aforementioned prisoners