Hunger Strike at Villena and Zuera Jails in Spain

Published January 12, 2021

Hunger Strike at Villena and Zuera Jails in Spain

A rotating hunger strike is running from January 11-20. The strike is against everything that kills, more or less slowly, the people who are in prison, beginning with torture and ill treatment. Juan Manuel Duró Sánchez, a prisoner in the isolation of the Villena prison, has sent a letter in which he relates ill treatment to a couple of his comrades, published in the blog of the Grup de Suport a Presxs, Lleida. We know from other colleagues that in the first degree of that prison of Villena (Alicante II) reigns the violence of the jailers and that, of course, is not the only place. Below, we insert part of David Rojas' story published in his blog by HENAS' compadres about the harsh conditions in Zuera prison, where violence by the guards against the prisoners, medical abandonment and the systematic cruelty of the punishment regime are also on the agenda, in addition to the deprivation of communications vis a vis with the excuse that family members can spread the coronavirus to the prisoners, while the boqueras enter from the street without any warning and no real preventive measures are taken.

 Isolation of Alicante II, December 1, 2020

Hello, X, I hope that when my letter arrives you are all well. Here I send you the instance of the fasting on December 1st, okay?

I took your letters and I thank you for everything you tell me and for the information you send me. I am writing to you with my partner XX. If you can, send me the calendar of the Rotary Strike and tell me when it is my turn. Tell me also the address of my Galician partner, who was here with me and was taken away from I don't know where. It's to write him a letter and find out about him and how he's doing.

Today I'm going to file a complaint for a doctor who doesn't care about anything, and who only knows - together with the jailers - how to report a part of comrade XXX. He asked for a new mattress, because he is fucked up in the spine, and they gave him one full of fleas. Now his whole body is full of bites. And my fellow countryman was beaten up by these fucking executioners, and they put his face like a map, you can't see how his eyes looked. His name is XXXX, they put him in the first phase and now he's in A Lama. Everything came because he head-butted a guard, because he had his wife here and they wouldn't let him see her. There are many jailers here who only come to provoke us.

I don't care about the first phase, and I'll stand up for my colleagues. But for the comrades who fight, because half of them are informants or gang members who only think for themselves and don't care about the rest.

Thank you very much for the letters, for the papers and for everything you do for us.

Until your next letter!

Juan Manuel Duró Sánchez

Zuera Prison, December 15, 2020

(...) My delay to answer you has been because a month ago I was transferred from the C.P. Murcia II and now I am in the C.P. Zuera-Zaragoza and the change of prison has not been for the better because here the jailers are all a few facades that you freak out and here there is no more compa in this prison nor any collective anti prisoner, at least in Murcia communicated every weekend with the collective of Murcia. But, although here I am alone, I am a lone wolf that I have been carrying around in these houses since 1996. (...) now I have no sanctions and I have to revise my grade for the month of January and they should give me a second grade by law, but the technical team of jailers are going to make an excuse for not giving me the second grade because they still don't know me and I've just arrived at this prison, but I'm used to being in the first grade because I don't know anymore in the four sentences I've had in my life I've lost count of how many years I've been in the first grade and for all the bunkers in Spanish territory and always for my principles and ideals.

(...) What is happening to me is that these dogs are turning me into an antisocial person, always plated 20 hours a day and going out to the yard a maximum of five compasses together and without any kind of activity or anything else and by not dealing with almost anyone it is the most normal thing that you end up becoming an antisocial person, but to understand all this, you have to live it and I don't wish it even to my worst enemy.

Look, here in this fucking prison of Zuera the jailers are racists, despotic facades and in a short time that I've been in this prison I've already seen several prisoners tortured. They beat them to death, undressing them in the middle of December and shackling them naked on the mechanized bed with the windows open, and keeping them like this for two days without giving them their meals and their medications, or anything else, and with the cold that is here in Zuera.

The first is for my health and that of my fellow inmates. Most of the inmates here do not wear masks and they come in and out of here every day and do not respect anything (…) because I do not know what the inmates do when they finish their shift and I do not know where they go or what people they are with.

And the other thing is the vis a vis with the family who have them cut off, with the excuse that our relatives can infect us with covid-19 but I tell the guards that they do go home every day and the next day they come in from the street and on top of that they allow themselves to come to the prison without even wearing their masks, It is so easy for families to come to the vis a vis with their masks and there is no contagion and we have been without visitors since March, except in August when they returned the vis a vis and in September they cut them off again in exchange for a 10 minute video call per month and I don't know how the modules don't rebel. I'm so fucking satisfied with my second graders that I can't handle it because, if each module of 140 compxs rebelled, these people would have nothing to do; but where are we going to rebel, in my case, if we are seven compxs in a gallery, we can't do anything but pull out paper and pen and denounce everything that's happening day by day (...).

Well, changing the subject, I hope that with this rotating strike we get some of the 14 points of the table of demands, at least the compxs who are terminally ill will be released so that they can spend their last days of life with their families and loved ones, that less these prisoners have a shred of heart along with correctional institutions and to comply with the law without putting obstacles in the way.

Since the abolition of closed regimes, 1st grades, 91.2 and 91. 3 and the direct controls, I am aware that it is much more complicated and my points that I claimed in my turn of HHR were 1) for the release of chronic and terminal diseases and 2) for the abolition of what was expressed at the beginning of this paragraph because we are the only country in the European Union where there are closed regime modules where we spend years and years and where no compx can be rehabilitated by spending years and years 20 hours in a cell locked with your solitude and where you end up becoming an anti-social person, putting up with the jailer's dogs with their physical and psychological tortures, As well as trying to rehabilitate any compx and putting that you are an irretrievable prisoner is enough to keep you isolated for years and so you see that there are people mentally stronger than others and there are countless compas I have seen with my eyes that have ended up losing their minds, I am fortunately strong of mind and thanks to the support of my family and lxs compas of the street that you leave your skin for us selflessly, For example, that after 22 years locked up in these houses I haven't lost my mind and there is no gold in the world to pay you for everything you do for all the compas we are in prison who received your unconditional support, it really is priceless what you do for us and I will always be grateful to all the compxs and collectives who are out there always fighting for us.

Without further ado, I say goodbye to paper and pen, but never to my thoughts or my heart. Let's fight for a world without prisons or executioner jailers. A cordial fraternal embrace

David Rojas Fernández