Attack by HBDH Revenge Militia on Konya Weapons Factory

Published August 1, 2019


On July 30, 2019, a statement came from the HBDH Revenge Militia about the fire that heavily damaged the factory and the ammunition and for which two helicopters intervened from the surrounding provinces.

The factory fire started on the roof in the morning hours and the fire that took place during the explosions covered the upper part of the factory in a short time.

“HBDH Revenge Militia announced that the action in question was a retaliation for Helmet and Sinan Sor who were immortalized as a result of the massacres and attacks organized by MIT, TSK and collaborators.

The whole explanation is as follows:

Weapons factories located in the Beyşehir district of Konya served the counter-insurgency activities of the deep state, private war department, under the name of defense industry. These factories, personally supported by Demirel and Çiller, continue to produce informal inventory for SADAT, the deep structure of AKP-MHP fascism. On July do 2019, retaliation was organized against Huğlu Weapon Factory by using advanced techniques from these facilities which armed the paramilitary and fascist forces and produced weapons for provocations and massacres against our people.

We carried out this act of retaliation for the assassinations and attacks against the revolutionary pioneers organized by the Turkish Special Warfare Department and developed with collaborative agents, as a revenge for Sinan Sor (Ali Aktaş) and Şehit Helmet (Dîyar Xerib Muhammed). These two heroes were immortalized by Turkish colonialism, as a result of the genocide attacks on the Kurdish People. The activities of agents and massacres aimed at the revolutionaries, and all the fascist foci that will enter will not remain unpunished.

Their most reliable bases have lost the quality of being a “safe zone in their back gardens.” As we have seen for days, our forces are developing high techniques everywhere and asking for an uninterrupted offensive account.

We warn these forces once more. Stop exploiting terrorism and massacres on the Kurdish people and withdraw your support from AKP-MHP fascism. No palace, no SADAT, no MIT, nothing can save you. Kurdistan will ask that you make an account of the massacre of revolutionaries.”

HBDH Revenge Militia