HBDH Guerrillas Attack Luxury Yachts in Turkey

Published July 28, 2019

HBDH Guerrillas Attack Luxury Yachts in Turkey

HBDH guerrillas launched an attack against luxury yachts in marinas in Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey on Friday, July 26.

A total of three yachts were torched and a statement was issued claiming resposbility for the attack.

The communique denounced “the bosses who dismiss the workers” and “seize their salaries and establish luxurious lives for themselves.”

The AKP, Turkish dictator Erdogan’s party, was denounced in the communique as well.

The group said they will continue to launch attacks and keep pressure on the capitalist state.

Their statement concluded stating “If only one small child of the oppressed peoples cannot sleep peacefully at night, those who are fed from this war will not be able to sleep comfortably in their beds.”