HBDH: We Burned the Factory Belonging to Fascist Collaborator Arif İsmet in Bursa

Published January 2, 2021

HBDH: We Burned the Factory Belonging to Fascist Collaborator Arif İsmet in Bursa

At 14:30 on December 31, 2020, the textile factory belonging to AKP’s Arif İsmet Terzioğlu in Osmangazi, Bursa was the target of the fire action of our militia forces. While the factory, which is located on an area of ​​500 square meters, completely turned to ashes with the products inside, a fascist collaborator worth 1 million lira was damaged.

Peoples will enter the year 2021 with resistance and fascists with fear, within the scope of the “Let’s Destroy Fascism, Win Freedom” revolutionary mobilization move initiated by the HBDH. The roaring voice of the workers, women, oppressed, their united struggle shakes fascism. The growth of the workers' resistance that fascism cannot prevent, the resistance of the Kurdish people that it cannot stop, the presence of women in the streets, and the united march of the revolutionaries are frightening them.

This fascist regime, which carries out all kinds of special war tactics and attacks in 2020, will enter 2021 with the same tactical management. The fascist government thinks that it will continue to survive with the attack on Ayn Isa, the closure of the HDP, the only democratic party in the country, slavery of the workers, and the plan to kill women. With this action, we once again say that we will destroy the fascist alliance of Erdoğan-Bahçeli, which is trying to turn the wheels of power, and stop its wheels.

This action is also a salute to the lands of Ulaş Adalı, one of the founding staff of HBDH. Our action is an indication that we will find them where they feel safest. This action is a call for freedom to the lands where Ulaş Adalı was born and raised. Turkish people are going shoulder to shoulder with the liberation struggle of the Kurdish people. In these areas, which they see as their strongholds, the revolutionary matter has once again come to light. It cannot be organized and prevented from growing. Our united revolutionary struggle is the only address of this organization.

HBDH Militia

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