HBDH Vengeance Militia: We Set the Fascist Company Metasu on Fire

Published December 3, 2020

HBDH Vengeance Militia: We Set the Fascist Company Metasu on Fire

The fascist AKP MHP Regime and its supporters continue to exploit our people and workers. We are a workers' movement as well as a Revolutionary Movement, we will defend the rights of our workers and our people. All of the supporters of the capitalist exploiting institution and the fascist regime that exploit workers and oppress our people in the territory of Kurdistan and Turkey will be the target of our freedom movement.

It is our call to fight for all our rights. Let’s destroy this fascist and dictatorial regime altogether and gain freedom together. Let’s make every area from factories to streets, from mountains to plains freedom areas.

The greatest response to this exploitation is resistance, a united struggle. This movement the Kurdish people have initiated is very important for all the peoples of Turkey. We no longer accept being exploited, slaughtered and enslaved. The time has come, there is no obstacle before us to ensure our freedom and get rid of these bosses who profit from exploitation.

This system, which capitalism has imposed on the people for centuries, is not a system that reflects the essence of humanity.

Capitalism tries to keep itself alive through the exploitation of the peoples, but today the crises and chaos in many parts of the world have shown that this system is about to decay and disappear. It is the revolutionary united struggle that will destroy this system and ensure freedom. We have now seen that this system is a creature that has plagued humanity, and we have chosen the path of resistance to gain our freedom. We, as the United Revolutionary Militia of the Peoples, will fight to protect and defend the rights of our people in all areas we are in, and we will overthrow this fascist regime.

The target of our action has been the subsidiary warehouse of the Metasu company, jointly with the municipality. On November 30, our HBDH Vengeance Militia targeted the private company managed by the fascist Serdar Aksoy in Izmir’s Menemen district. This company exploits thousands of workers and cooperates with the fascist regime; there are company-owned restaurants, hotels and business centers. As a result of the action carried out by our militia with fire, serious material damage was caused to many construction machines and buses and they turned to ash. As always, the corporate media did not reflect the facts and reported it as an ordinary event. Serdar Aksoy and the company he manages have been our target because he exploited and oppressed our people. Within the scope of the “We will overthrow fascism, we will win freedom” campaign, our target will be any supporters of the capitalist fascist regime and opponents of our united struggle.

From: https://www.hbdh-online.org/hbdh-intikam-milisleri-fasist-metasu-sirketini-atese-verdik/