HBDH Set Grey Wolves Office on Fire in Mersin

Published March 24, 2021

HBDH Set Grey Wolves Office on Fire in Mersin

The HBDH Baran Serhat Militia set a Grey Wolves office on fire in Mersin. Their statement said, “We will not leave any crime unpunished.”

The Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) Baran Serhat Militia organized an action against the so-called “Grey Wolves” in Mersin province, southern Turkey.

In a written statement the militia said, “An office of the fascist Grey Wolves located in Ihsaniye neighborhood in the Akdeniz district in Mersin was set on fire in the evening hours on March 20, 2021. The building has become largely unusable after the fire.”

The statement continued:

“The perpetrators of rape and femicides and those who killed Özgecan Aslan, İpek Er, Aleyna Çakır are members or managers of this fascist gang. Photos come out of almost all perpetrators of femicides with fascist symbols, arms and machetes. Drug traffic is also expanded by these fascist circles.

It is very clear that members of Grey Wolves, who are used as hitmen in every fascist attack against revolutionary and democratic forces, continue to engage in fascist terror and attacks on women.

Organized as the paramilitary forces of Erdogan and Bahceli fascism, the Grey Wolves commit every crime against people with the support of the police, are acquitted and rewarded by showing their loyalty to fascism. However, the truth is that the HBDH forces do not leave these crimes unpunished. This fire we burn will turn both their palaces and their rule to ashes.

We call on Turkey and Kurdistan youth, the women who protest against Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, the Kurdish people burning the fire of freedom on Newroz, and the exploited workers to join our revolutionary mobilization campaign ‘We will demolish fascism, we will win freedom.’

The language of fascism and patriarchy is clear enough. Fascism cannot be defeated if the women who stand up for the Istanbul Convention do not challenge the fascist AKP and the institutions it represents, if the Kurdish people do not destroy the strongholds of the colonial power against the isolation of Öcalan and if the workers do not target their bosses. We call on all forces to increase the action of the united struggle.

This action was inspired by Baran Serhat, one of the founding commanders of the HBDH. In the person of Comrade Baran Serhat, we commemorate those who have been immortalized in the united revolutionary struggle with this action, and we are enhancing their legacy of struggle in the united revolutionary struggle.”

From: https://anfenglish.com/news/hbdh-set-grey-wolves-office-on-fire-in-mersin-50849