HBDH Sabotage Action at Turkish Army Barracks in Tuzla

Published February 10, 2020


HBDH Çiyager Revenge Units carried out a sabotage action against a Turkish military barracks in Tuzla with fire and explosions on February 7.

The following is their statement:

United Revolutionary Movement of Peoples Çiyager Revenge Units carried out an action against Colonel İbrahim Kendirci Barracks in Tuzla yesterday evening.

Our forces demonstrated that the enemies and fascists were not safe even in their barracks, protected by thousands of weapons, armor, and prevention, despite the action they carried out for the Cizre Massacre. The massacres in Cizre are carried on by AKP / MHP fascism today. AKP / MHP fascism attacks with the most brutal methods against all oppressed peoples, especially the Kurdish people, with exploitation, occupation and war. The only aim of this fascist war carried out by Erdoğan is the survival of his own power. Erdogan’s fascism is the power of persecution. Erdogan and his collaborators will pay the price of this persecution.

Those who murdered dozens of people in Cizre, those who brutally hurt people in the basements, keep the bodies in their refrigerators for days, and torture people in the streets will continue to hear this explosion. Those who murder the peoples, women, insurgents and destroy the cities with bombs should know that they will continue to be targeted by our units. Even murderers who tortured people in Cizre should know that; our forces will be taken into account for the massacres you have committed to the people; your palaces, barracks, police stations will not protect you! Your safest places and fascist castles will not protect you from the Unified Revolutionary Movement forces of Peoples!

As HBDH, as long as the persecution continues, we will continue to ask for an account until victory. We will destroy the massacre reign of fascism!

From: http://www.hbdh-online.org/hbdh-s-ciyager-intikam-birimi-cizre-katliamini-unutmadik-tsk-kislasina-eylem-gerceklestirdik/