HBDH Revenge Units Attack Turkish Military Ammunition Depot

Published August 11, 2019

HBDH Revenge Units Attack Turkish Military Ammunition Depot

HBDH guerrilla attacked a Turkish military ammuntion depot. The action was carried out in solidarity with all people under the boot of Turkish state oppression.

The guerrilla units had monitored the area for a long time before the attack. Their communqiue stated taht the “building was used as a warehouse that provided logistics to AKP supported groups like ISIS, Al Nusra, and the FSA.”

There were 40 soldiers in the building on the night of the revolutionary actions. Approximately 50 ambulances arrived at the scene. It is possible most of the paramilitary forces were killed in the explosion, and most of the ammunition was destroyed.

The guerrilla stated that with the spreading of war in Kurdistan the crimes will not go unanswered.

The statement concluded:

“We are ready for war in response to the fascism of the Republic of Turkey, which tries to liquidate the August 15th uprising and the Kurdish Freedom Movement everywhere with war. Our units will continue to account for every guerrilla, woman, worker and oppressed person slaughtered by AKP / MHP fascism…

Our United Revolution Challenge Will Win!

AKP-MHP Fascism to be Defeated!

HBDH / Ş.Delal Amed and Ş.Ulaş Island Revenge Unit”

*Translation note: On August 15th, 1984, the PKK launched their first major armed action in the Eruh district of Siirt and the Semdinli district of Hakkari in North Kurdistan / Southeast Turkey. PKK fighters attacked police stations and military housing units and seized a large number of weapons and ammunition. Simultaneously the homes of bank staff were raided and an expropriation of the Ziraat Bank was carried out.

Info from HBDH online and Anarchists Worldwide