HBDH Revenge Militias Punish Fascist Collaborator with Turkish Army

Published November 13, 2020

HBDH Revenge Militias Punish Fascist Collaborator with Turkish Army

HBDH Delal Amed Revenge Militia shared that they punished an element named Sait Ü, who was in trade with the Mehmetçik Foundation, affiliated to the Turkish Armed Forces. The Militia shared that the element was punished in İzmir’s Karabağlar district where his 3-story furniture store was hit with HME’s and Molotovs.

The statement made by the HBDH Vengeance Militia is as follows:

“An action was organized with HME (Hand-Made Explosives) and Molotovs against a 3-story furniture store belonging to a fascist pro-government collaborator named Sait Ü in the Yunus Emre neighborhood of İzmir Karabağlar District on the night of November 11, 2020.

The store was completely destroyed in the fire that broke out as a result of the action. Sait Ü is a person who is rewarded financially in return for his fascist pro-government stand, and conducts business with the Mehmetçik Foundation affiliated to the TSK.”

Those who lean on the palace will be buried under its rubble

“Our action was organized within the scope of the call for revolutionary mobilization “We will destroy fascism, we will win freedom,” initiated by the HBDH. It is an act of punishing fascism and those who do business with fascists.

Turkey has come to the brink of decay and dissolution under fascist authority. Erdogan, who is the murderer of tens of thousands of Kurds, is responsible for the murders of 10,000 women, is the main perpetrator of the impoverishment of millions of people, and has stained his hands with the blood of 25,716 workers in 18 years.

Neither he nor his son-in-law or the The Genghis, the Galleons, the Limaks, cannot escape the anger of the people through resignation, retirement or fleeing. Those who are partners in these crimes, those who lean on the palace will be buried under its rubble.”

Will gain freedom

“This day which we carried out our action is also the day when Comrade Delal Amed, one of the leading female commanders of our united forces, became immortal. No one should doubt that history is being written by women who are like the Delals, Aynurs, Cerens, and Saryas. The end will be magnificent and free.”

From: https://www.nuceciwan59.com/en/2020/11/12/revenge-militias-punish-fascist-collaborator-trading-with-turkish-army/