HBDH Revenge Militia Burn Branch of Ziraat Bank in Memory of Martyr Imran Firtina

Published November 10, 2020

HBDH Revenge Militia Burn Branch of Ziraat Bank in Memory of Martyr Imran Firtina

HBDH İmran Fırtına Revenge Militia set fire to the Yenibosna branch of Ziraat Bank on November 6, the Peoples’ United Revolution Movement announced.

The written statement shared by the Movement, claiming responsibility for the fire has been translated as follows:

“Banks are the source of capitalism’s financial resources, maintaining its dirty system by carrying out usury. They act as intermediaries in the transfer of public resources belonging to the impoverished working class, to the capital class which is our target.

These banks exploit the helplessness of the working class and push them into pits of debt. They leave hundreds of people without bread or a home. They are a different name of the fascist capitalist system which pushes people to suicide. They serve Cengiz Holding, Kalyonlar, Sabancılar, and Koçlar, by gifting them limitless credit in their ventures to plunder new resources.

The total amount of money owed by the people of Turkey to the banks is 720 billion TL. More than 2 million people are under threat of sequestration, in danger of going hungry.

Our call is to workers and laborers: You do not have to pay your debts to these bloodsucking loan sharks. The way out of this order is through destroying the system and institutions of total-exploitation. They do not earn their money through labor, but by exploiting workers, looting resources, stealing ours. Workers and laborers can only live a human life if they take back what is theirs.

HBDH calls for united struggle, revolutionary mobilization to overthrow this exploitation and colonial order. This is an invitation to join the struggle to “overthrow fascism, win freedom.”

Our action was organized in memory of İmran Fırtına (Yasin Aydın), who crossed from Istanbul to Rojava to join the war against invading and jihadist gangs and became immortal in Til Temir.”

From: https://www.nuceciwan58.com/en/2020/11/08/hbdh-revenge-militia-burn-branch-of-ziraat-bank-in-memory-of-martyr-imran-firtina/