HBDH Paramaz Kızılbaş Vengeance Militia: We Destroyed the Fiber Factory in Gaziantep

Published June 19, 2020

HBDH Paramaz Kızılbaş Vengeance Militia: We Destroyed the Fiber Factory in Gaziantep

On June 18, 2020, a retaliation action was carried out by our Paramaz Kızılbaş Revenge Militia in the memory of Kasım Engin in Gaziantep. As a result of this action, the factory has become unusable. Dozens of fire trucks, hundreds of firefighters and the efforts of police personnel have failed in the face of our action.

We see that the AKP-MHP fascist alliance continues its attacks on the working class and the oppressed peoples by growing its war and exploitation policies every day. These attacks tell nothing but the collapse of a power delivered to the noise of bombs dropped from warplanes. Even if the fascist power that has entered the process of collapse does not fall, the tactic of the mob is trying to arbitrate its presence with the policy of attack on Kurds, not to lose its voting base, and take refuge in the nationalist mass in the face of the deepening economic crisis. The fascist government, which has not been able to achieve success against the guerrilla forces in Haftanin, where attacks have been organized by using all kinds of technological weapons for a year, is now trying to achieve success again with its land operation, but only with its propaganda.

The fascist power, which is desperate against the decisive progress of our united revolutionary struggle in the mountains and the cities, want to “paw” our struggle by deepening these attacks with the unbearable anger of the collapse days. But the only thing they will get against our forces will be defeat. We are organizing our struggle with the comrades of Paramaz Kizilbash on the hill of Comrade Nur Mişte, and with the wisdom of comrade Kasım Engin, we are organizing victory, organizing victory, and walking to victory. We will surely win!

HBDH Paramaz Kızılbaş Revenge Militia

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