HBDH Mahir Özgül (Doctor) Revenge Militia Attack Mining Company

Published June 17, 2020

HBDH Mahir Özgül (Doctor) Revenge Militia Attack Mining Company In memory of Kasım Engi

HBDH Martyr Mahir Özgül (Doctor) Revenge Militia carried out an action against the construction machinery (ROK) of a large mining company in Bursa Osmangazi on June 15. As a result of this action, this machine owned by the fascist company burned and turned to ash, and the company suffered a loss of 1.5 million TL.

The construction machine belongs to ORTAŞ company operating in this region. This company and its owner is known for its proximity to the state and the AKP regime and supports the fascist regime’s war economy with the money it gains by exploiting thousands of workers. We warn all profit bosses, capitalist collaborators and fascists. As long as you partner with this war and massacres, you will be the target of our revenge militia.

The fascist AKP-MHP regime continues its attacks on the territory of Kurdistan. The fascist regime attacks and destroys just as many revolutionaries, Kurds, socialists inside and outside the country. The state, which does not recognize any human rights and law, is slaughtering women, children, elderly, civilians.

Civilian settlements, hospitals, cemeteries are bombed. AKP-MHP fascist regime makes all kinds of massacres and attacks to liquidate the Kurdish Freedom Struggle and revolutionaries. It should be known that we will never bow and we will struggle without interruption.

All of the fascist collaborators who provide economic support to this war have a hand in these massacres, and companies and fascists who exploit thousands of workers feed the state and its war capital through their labor; stop being partners in this war and massacres.

No power will end the tradition of the workers, the workers’ resistance; just as the workers struggled in the workers’ resistance of June 15-16, today we will be the voice of all the oppressed and murdered and we will be chasing these profit bosses.

This action was carried out in memory of and retaliation for the comrade and PKK Central Committee member Kasım Engin, who died on May 27.

From: http://www.hbdh-online.org/kasim-engin-anisina-hbdh-mahir-ozgul-intikam-milisleri-eylemde/