HBDH Guerrillas Launch Attacks in Ankara and Istanbul in Defense of Revolutionary Movement

Published November 5, 2019

HBDH Guerrillas Launch Attacks in Ankara and Istanbul in Defense of Revolutionary Movement

Guerrillas in the HBDH armed struggle coalition launched successful attacks in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey.

The militia announced in a written statement that they had destroyed the Ali Kuşçu Center in Ankara and a luxury yacht in Bebek in Istanbul.

The statement also touched on the chemical phosphorus bombs used by the Turkish state in Rojava.

The statement reads in part:

On 03 November 2019, a luxury yacht, Şehrazat, located on the shore of Bebek in Istanbul, was set on fire. In many parts of the world, poor working peoples have been asking for revenge against the rulers on the streets. These fires were symbols against the exploiting classes. The slogan of the Chilean people is, “If there is no bread for the poor, there is no peace for the rich.” Today, in many parts of our country, workers are rebelling against the present order and looking for a way out. The cause of poverty is the parasitic classes that have been placed above us…

Whoever speaks of mankind, brotherhood, and children today, should turn to Rojava first. Let them face the scream of those children bombed with chemical phosphorus bombs. The occupation of Rojava is the mirror of colonialism and fascism. It is Erdogan in the mirror…

HBDH, the united struggle organization of the exploited classes and the colonized peoples, is the milita that will destroy fascism. In the heart of Ankara, the fire of our united struggle, which turns its towers to ashes, is approaching the palace. All the poor working classes, young people, our call is to women, enriched by stealing from you, target the bosses. Occupy fascist institutions, besiege and destroy the AKP. It is known that new forces are added to our forces every day. HBDH militias grow like an avalanche. Whoever wants to be a spark against fascism joins our ranks, targeting the invading, exploitative parasites.

Now “every heart is a revolutionary cell” everyone is an action force.