HBDH: Ebru Timtik Is Immortal, We Will Call The Murderers To Account

Published August 30, 2020

HBDH: Ebru Timtik Is Immortal, We Will Call The Murderers To Account

Lawyer Ebru Timtik was martyred on the 238th day of the resistance in the death fast she entered for the right to a fair trial. The immortalization of Ebru Timtik is the proof of fascism’s injustice and unlawfulness. The fascist government arrested people with false documents and threw them into prisons based on confidential witness statements. Ebru Timtik was imprisoned based on confidential witness statements. The fascist government attacked the resistance for 238 days, ignoring its just demands.

Lawyer Ebru Timtik and Lawyer Aytaç Ünsal went on a death fast demanding a fair trial in the face of their imprisonment and the denial of the right to defense by the fascist government. The fascist government ignored the demands at every stage of the resistance and tried to build an isolation wall around the resistance to weaken them.

The fascist government, desperate in the face of Ebru Timtik’s resistance, continued its attacks on the funeral after her martyrdom. It attacked those who attended the funeral of the martyr in the Gazi district. At this point, the fascist government has moved away from all kinds of human values ​​and foundations of legitimacy. As the killers of Ebru Timtik, the spokesmen of the fascist power have ignored even the most fundamental human right to burial, with attacks against her funeral. Nowadays, fascist murderers are disturbed by the mourning of Ebru Timtik by lawyers, workers, youth and women.

As the United Revolutionary Movement of the Peoples, we salute Ebru Timtik’s resistance. We will call for the account of Ebru Timtik and all the revolutionaries murdered by the fascist power that killed her. At the current stage, the United revolutionary forces will call the murderers to account on the basis of revolutionary justice. The blood of any murdered revolutionary will not remain on the ground. Those responsible and collaborators of this massacre will be the target of the righteous actions of the United Revolution fighters.

We will call the fascist government and its collaborators to account for the suffering and torture inflicted on Ebru Timtik and her relatives. Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal’s death fast is the responsibility of the fascist government who arrested them with confidential witness statements and false documents. Therefore, the only call to be made for Aytaç Ünsal at the current stage is to accept the demands of resistance and to recognize the right to a fair trial.

As guerrillas resisting in the mountains, as united revolutionary forces against all the attacks of fascism, as militias resisting within cities, we continue to organize the struggle in the most powerful way. The guerrillas resisting in the mountains of Kurdistan and the militias calling for account in the cities raise the flag of the united revolution.

the United Revolutionary forces will be the nightmare of fascism in Turkey in the future.

The day is not stopping. It is the day to shoulder the united revolutionary struggle and respond to fascism in the language it understands.

On this basis, we will continue to respond by increasing the total resistance against the total attack of the fascist government. United in the face of fascist power to magnify the task of revolutionary struggle and resistance power.

Ebru Timtik is Immortal

The killer government will be held accountable

United revolutionary forces will call the murderers to account

HBDH Executive Committee

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