HBDH Claim Responsibility for Riha Dual-Explosion: 19 Turkish Soldiers Dead

Published November 17, 2019


The United Revolution Movement of the Peoples made a written statement, claiming responsibility for the dual-explosions which were carried out in the 20th Turkish Brigade Commandership building in Riha.

“The arsenal warehouse of the 20th Armored Brigade Commandership located in Urfa was destroyed by our Aynur Ada – Delal Amed Revenge Unit on November 13, 2019,” the Unit stated.

Sharing that the action was carried out with bomb-loaded drones from two different points in succession, the group stated that as a result of the action, 19 occupying Turkish Special Units soldiers were killed while dozens were wounded. The statement of the revolutionaries was shared as follows:

“The arsenal warehouse of the 20th Armored Brigade Commandership, located in Urfa, was destroyed by our Aynur Ada – Delal Amed Revenge Unit on November 13, 2019, at around 22:30.

As a result of the action carried out by our Unit with explosive-loaded drones, it was found that 19 soldiers from “special units” were killed and tens of soldiers were wounded.

In addition, the brigade commander is among the injured. Our unit, which determines that over 70 ambulances have entered through the entrance, has reached the base to which it is connected without any loss after the action.”

The war against fascism

“Our action took place in response to the call of the comrade, and PKK member, Delal Amed who was immortalized on 13 November 2017 and comrade Aynur Ada, member of DKP / BÖG MK, who was immortalized together with İmran Fırtına in the Rojava defense on November 6, 2019.

The call of our two female commanders who took part in the establishment of HBDH and took responsibility in many levels is the call for war against fascism and for a united struggle.”

Revolutionairy war

“The only way to get rid of the invading, misogynist, AKP-MHP fascism is through united revolutionary war. Those who are waiting for normalization, democratization and solutions from the AKP-MHP power are living in a tragic dream.

As countless examples have demonstarted around the world, fascism is destroyed not by expectations, but by armed war. All other means of struggle are doomed to lose where there is no armed struggle. This is the fundamental demand of commanders of victory.

Today, the foundation which allows Martyr Ada, a Turkish woman and Martyr Delal Amed, a Kurdish woman, to fight in the same positions and fronts against the same enemy is resistance and the liberating truth: the truth that the salvation of the working-class in Turkey and the freedom of the Kurdish people are symbiotic.”

Our promise is victory

“All women and young people from Turkey and Kurdistan should take their place around the target-board showing all the institutions of fascism, and should mobilise into the areas of the horror corridor.

The actions we have carried out for months have shown that fascists are under siege and not the oppressed peoples and laborers. The oppressors want to siege the mind with their tanks, army, police, mafia with power shows. Yet, no intelligence, no police, no soldiers, judges, collaborators, torturers, trustees are more powerful than the people.

Finally, the location where our action was made is one of the most secure centers of the army; they are the protector of exploitation and the trigger of colonialism. Their losses are severe and they are anxious to hide the truth or to cover their inability. The rush is because they feel the breath of HBDH in every area they think is untouchable.

Our promise to our peoples and immortals is victory.”

From: https://www.nuceciwan37.com/en/2019/11/17/hbdh-claim-responsibility-for-riha-dual-explosion-19-turkish-soldiers-dead-22-wounded/