HBDH: Betrayer Murat Can Emir Has Been the Target of Our Bullets

Published July 30, 2020

HBDH: Betrayer Murat Can Emir Has Been the Target of Our Bullets

At around 23:00 on July 27, 2020, confessor-collaborator Murat Can Emir was punished in front of his home in İkitelli, Istanbul.

This fatal element, which has been under observation for a long time by our HBDH İmran Storm Revenge Militia, has survived wounded after our act of punishment.

Murat Can Emir took part in the revolutionary ranks, revolutionary war fields for a while, and later, he surrendered to the fascist state and dressed in the dishonorable shirt of treason. He is a person who has given information about all our revolutionary organizations, some of the fighters of HBDH to the state and has committed to “serve” and assist fascism in its operations against revolutionaries. It was found that this element concealed himself as a dissident-leftist character by hiding his collaboration and also committed sexual assault crimes against women at various times as a harasser.

Tens of revolutionaries are arrested, tortured and murdered by fascism because of statements made by Murat Can Emir and many confessors and betrayers who committed the same crime. It is the declarations of these collaborators-confessors, who carried Mahir Mete Kul to the Meriç River, and the imprisonment imposed on Ibrahim Kocak for resistance, the attacks against many points in the fields of revolutionary war, the martyrdom of dozens of our comrades and thousands of Kurdish revolutionaries.

They prostrate to the posts of fascism and kneel down to maintain their own lives (even dishonorably). The police chiefs they prostrated to are Berkin’s murderers. They are the cops of fascism to whom they prostrate, wish to “serve,” drag our bodies with panzers, smash our tombstones and attack our bodies. It is the fascist police who tortured the revolutionaries, raped people at the police station, dragged the seekers of “justice” by the hair in the middle of the street, threw mothers on the street, and kept the dead body in the street for seven days.

Murat Can Emir is neither the first nor the last confessor. The files of many are in the hands of our united forces, they are under surveillance. We warn you all once again. Hundreds of actions by our united forces have shown that the palace regime cannot even protect itself, and the collapse of fascism is approaching. In the eyes of the power, you have no value, not even a penny. Confess to your crimes against the people and revolutionaries and surrender to the justice of the revolutionaries, HBDH. Otherwise, we will continue to punish these crimes.

And that is our open call to the people of Kurdistan in Turkey. Isolate these dishonorable confessors - collaborators; they have no place in neither our table, our street, nor our greetings. To see them as usual is to see the massacres of fascism as usual. To keep silent about them is to remain silent about torture, rape and executions. We call on all revolutionary youth to take action against this collaborative-confessionist gang.

We are the salute of Imran Storm.

We are everywhere when we are nowhere.

HBDH Imran Storm Revenge Militia

From: http://www.hbdh-online.org/ihanetci-murat-can-emir-kursunlarimizin-hedefi-oldu/