HBDH Attacks Prison and Electrical Distribution Center in Amed, Turkey

Published May 26, 2021

HBDH Attacks Prison and Electrical Distribution Center in Amed, Turkey

HBDH Kurdistan Committee: We organized actions in three different points of Amed

Our actions continue within the framework of the United Revolutionary Movement of Peoples (HBDH) Kurdistan Committee, Martyr Sinan Revolutionary Revenge Campaign. As the HBDH Kurdistan Committee, we held simultaneous actions in 3 different regions of Amed on May 24 at night. On May 24, our militias carried out an action with fragmentary sound bombs on the police building in Amed, and the fascist Turkish state, caught in fear and panic, sent dozens of police to the area and closed the area for a while. During the night of May 24, our militias carried out an action against the protection point of the prison in Amed with fragmentary sound bombs, in the same way, the prison area was blocked as a whole. The balance sheet could not be clarified. In the evening of May 24, the road to the prison was cut off by our militia and the transportation was stopped for a while.

The actions carried out are not only a salute against the prisons resistances, but also a call to receive the self-defense of our peoples and comrades everywhere. It is our open call to all the oppressed; As HBDH Militia, we invite everyone to be a bridge between dungeon resistance and guerrilla resistance and crush fascism. Our action was carried out in memory of all May martyrs in the person of comrade Sinan Dersim, member of the HBDH Executive Board and comrade Kasım Engin, a member of the PKK Executive Committee.

HBDH Kurdistan Committee: “Sabotage Action to TEDAŞ Distribution Center-Amed”

On May 22, our militias of the HBDH Kurdistan Committee carried out a sabotage action at the TEDAŞ electricity distribution center in the Koserli neighborhood of Amed’s Bismil district, and the building was completely destroyed as a result of the action. Especially the genocidal Turkish state, which has suffered a great defeat against the new guerrilla style that has emerged in the last period, tries to secure itself with the contras and gangs it has placed all over Kurdistan and directs its existing power to the guerrilla areas.

The military, political and economic results of the guerrilla resistance clearly show us the collapse of the AKP-MHP fascism. As HBDH and KBDH, we invite all peoples, women and youth of Kurdistan-Turkey to the great responsibilities and duties of the revolution in order to turn the lives of the Turkish state and its collaborators into hell, to destroy all economic energy resources and to destroy fascism by striking the last blow. Our action took place in memory of all May martyrs in the person of Sinan Dersim, member of HBDH Executive Committee.