HBDH Armed Attack Against the Turkish Armed Forces

Published May 17, 2020

HBDH Armed Attack Against the Turkish Armed Forces

On 17.05.2020, around 01:00, the Land Sewing House Directorate of the Turkish Armed Forces in Maltepe was hit by an effective technique by our HBDH Azad Siser Revenge Unit. After the fire, 30 military vehicles and 2-storey buildings in the military field were completely destroyed. As with every activity, MSB continues the tradition of lying to the public and conceals the truth. It was determined by our unit that there were 18 dead and 36 injured during the action in the campus where there were at least 1500 military personnel, this information was reflected in the conversations between the soldiers despite the manipulations of Hulusi Akar.

Yesterday, we hit Roketsan, the pupil of the TAF in the heart of Ankara, and the Land Sewing House, the pride of the TAF in Istanbul today. The perpetrator of the murder of thousands of revolutionaries and patriots, the practitioner of the colonialism and occupation policy, which has historically sustained the watchdog of exploitation and colonialism in the face of the struggle for freedom of the working class and the oppressed peoples, carried out coups for this purpose, and committed the massacre of thousands of revolutionaries and patriots. He will pay for the crimes he committed. Yesterday, the puppet of NATO, today the guard of the palace, the patriarch of the jihadist gangs in the region, TSK is the leading role wherever there is persecution. Against the villager who defends the right to live in the Black Sea - Aegean, the truncheon, shielded in front of Cengiz Holding, kicking the Manisa Soma worker together with the bosses, armed ISIS in Rojava, jihadist gangs in Idlib, Libyan, one of the “good children”, Hrant Dink Until the massacre, TSK is found under every stone. From the Dersim Massacre to the Amed Dungeons, the armed forces of fascism, whose tanks are the death of the Kurdish people, the bayonets are persecuted, the tombstones are bombed today, and all the tortures of the lifeless bodies are lost in the face of the united armed forces of our people.

Our action is to return to Istanbul by roaming the fire, the borderless resistance, that the fire that Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu had burned in Taksim Square during the Gezi Uprising, which became immortal in Raqqa on 9 May 2017.

Our action; Ferhat Kurtay, who turned the Diyarbakır dungeon, which was the torture center of the TAF with the call of “make the fire grow, water shed, is a betrayal”, is the continuation of the fire burned by Mahmut Zengin on May 17, 1982. The fire that they burned in Amed grows at the TAF headquarters in Istanbul Maltepe today and takes fascism into the ring of fire.

Our action; It is the internationalist flag of Haki Karer, who is the “secret soul” of HBDH, rebelling the rebellious waves of the Black Sea in the mountains of Kurdistan and immortalized on May 18, 1977.

Our action; Fascism and his executioners are the salute of İbrahim Kaypakkaya, who was the water of our struggle in steel in the Amed Dungeons of May 18, 1973, in the face of torture imposed by the commanders of the TAF, without giving any secret.

May Martyrs are Immortal HBDH Azad Siser Revenge Unit

From: http://www.hbdh-online.org/hbdh-tskya-ait-maltepe-kara-dikimevi-mudurlugunu-vurduk/