HBDH: Armed Action Against the Police in Kagithane, Istanbul

Published July 26, 2020

HBDH: Armed Action Against the Police in Kagithane, Istanbul

On July 23, 2020, armed action was organized by our HBDH Ulaş Adalı vengeance militia for the police car, which was driving in Kagithane district of Istanbul at night hours. In the face of the armed action of our militia forces, the police quickly fled away from the scene.

The crime agency, which is the harassment and rapist swarm, drug traffickers, torture-murderers under the responsibility of Fascist Süleyman Soylu, will be the target of our forces everywhere. Behind every rape and child abuse in the country, there are police crime organizations ranging from sergeant, police, guard, deputy. Police vehicles serve drug deliveries, this uniformed gang pack batons workers in Soma, and attacks youth, women, and mothers. The only rationale for the police force is to persecute the people, so that the bosses exploit more, women are enslaved more, and the palace gets richer. Hitting this criminal gang is to hit rapists. To hit this criminal gang is to hit the hands raised to the worker, to hit the torturers who drag the women from their hair, to hit the feet that step on the children’s backs on the street. Hitting this criminal gang is to hit Sergeant Musa Orhan, who raped a woman for twenty days, and was released.

Our action is the act of retaliation against police terrorism against the united resistance force overflowing to the streets of Kadıköy on the anniversary of the Suruç massacre. All the attacks, pressures, and collapsing plans of fascism are desperate against our united struggle. The will that beats the police barricades in Kadıköy gets its strength from the united struggle. It is our promise that Ulaş Adalı (Gökhan Taşyakan), one of the pioneers of our United Revolution, who had set up barricades in the same streets in the past and carried the struggle to the battlefields, was immortalized after the Suruç massacre.

“And, be it a condition, there will be no single day without account”

HBDH Ulaş Island Revenge Militia

From: http://www.hbdh-online.org/istanbul-kagithanede-polislere-yonelik-silahli-eylem-duzenledik/