Guerrillas Launch Attacks in Iğdır and Resist Turkish Invasion in Xakurkê

Published June 3, 2019


Guerrillas launched attacks in Iğdır

HPG / YJA Star guerrillas destroyed a large number of armored vehicles as the result on an action in Iğdır on 1 June.

According to information received there is a large number of dead and wounded soldier and dozens civil, armored vehicles and ambulances came to the scene to retrieve the dead and wounded.

HPG is expected to make a statement on the details of the action.

The Turkish state claimed that 3 soldiers had died.

People reacted angrily to Turkish army invasion attempt

The attempt of the Turkish army to invade the Xakurkê area was confronted by the great resistance by guerrillas. The people of South Kurdistan are very angry at the Turkish state’s invasion attacks and collaborators.

Five days have passed since the occupation attacks on Xakurkê, launched by the Turkish army on 27 May.

To date, no statements have been made by HPG-YJA Star as to any losses. The occupation of Xakurkê has been attempted for two years.

The most recently announced area of occupation was aimed at a high hill, which the local people call Şekif. With the mobilization of the occupying forces, HPG-YJA Star guerrillas have also carried out effective attacks almost everywhere.

Heavy clashes have been experienced in Martyr Derwêş, Martyr Şahan, Martyr Botan, Arê, Lêlikan. Dozens of occupying troops were killed in sabotage, attacks, infiltration and raiding actions organized by small guerrilla teams.

According to information from local sources, in the last attack on Martyr Derwêş Hill with heavy and light weapons, the positions of usch and BKC were completely destroyed, many soldiers were killed and wounded.

Another information we receive from local sources is that the occupying army, which relied especially on air bombing, is now relying on KDP peshmergas on the ground.

The KDP sent a convoy of 30 armored vehicles, however the HPG-YJA Star commanders told ANF that “no matter the forces they will deploy, we will never set back.”

As far as we can see in the area, it is likely that the attempt to occupy a Berbizînê Strait would be the ground for a serious provocation. The people of the region have been hit hard by these invasion attacks and have called on the South Kurdistan Regional Government to defend its rights and resist the invasion.