Guerrilla Actions in Turkey, Afrin and the Medya Defense Zones

Published January 12, 2020

Guerrilla Actions in Turkey, Afrin and the Zap Region


Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) continues to carry out operations against the Turkish army and their proxies in Afrin and its vicinity.

On January 11th, HRE carried out an effective operation against a base of the Turkish army in Basoufane village of the Sherawa district. Two soldiers were killed as a result and five were injured.

On the same date, HRE carried out an operation against a base of the Turkish army in Maryemin village of the Shera district. The result of the operation could not be clarified.

HRE stated that on the same date, the Turkish army and its proxies shelled the villages Bashemre, Sokhanek, Tinnib, Shewarkha, Malikiye and Merenaz with howitzers.

Simultaneously, the Turkish army used a hand-held drone to drop bombs on the village of Shewarkha. As a result, material damage was caused to the properties of the people in the region.


Guerrillas carried out an action in Ağrı on 9 January. The HPG organized an action against the Vedat Özkaya police station in Bazid (Doğubeyazıt) district of Ağrı as part of the ongoing Revolutionary Victory Initiative. The number of dead and wounded within the enemy ranks could not be determined.

Fighter planes bombed Gare on 7 January, between 1 and 2pm, around the village of Kani Mazi in the Medya Defense Areas. No guerrillas were lost in the bombing.


In 2019, the Turkish state started the operation “Claw” in many places in the Medya Defense Zones. New forms of action and tactics were used to inflict heavy casualties on the Turkish army in Heftanin.

The Turkish Army aimed at encircling and destroying the guerrillas but the guerrilla has neutralized the operation. Summit positions that the enemy had declared inaccessible to the guerrillas have been hit hard by attacks. Positions were overrun and weapons were taken away. Successful actions were also carried out with missiles.