Guerrilla Actions in Kurdistan

Published November 2, 2020

Guerrilla Actions in Kurdistan

The HPG and women’s guerrilla troops YJA-Star were also able to achieve a significant gain in a zone previously occupied by Turkey as part of their “Battle of Heftanîn” offensive.

The location in question is the village of Banike in Heftanin, where Turkish occupation troops had burned down houses in late August.

“For a while, the movements of the occupying forces were observed before an effective assault was launched by means of sabotage tactics. How many soldiers were killed in the action could not be determined with certainty. On October 17, the occupiers left this area.”

At about the same time as the sabotage in Banike, a guerrilla sniper unit was active in the nearby area of Keshan. The action targeted a military position on the Koxê Mele Yehya hill where one soldier was shot dead. Following the action, the Turkish army bombarded the combat area with mortars and howitzers, and medium-weight weapons were also used. As a result, a battle broke out.

Saturday, October 17, a Turkish military position was targeted by guerrillas at Hill Dupişk in Minine region, located near Heftanin. “While the entire position was destroyed, including the occupiers inside, the exact number is not known,” said the HPG.

HPG snipers in the Metina region shot dead a soldier in the Turkish military guard Kani Masi.

HPG forces carried out a successful sabotage action targeting Botaş Oil Pipeline passing through Bagok region of Mardin at 13:00 on October 28. As a result of this action, the pipeline at the site was completely destroyed.

The Şehîd Delal Air Defense Forces targeted Turkish soldiers in the area of Girê Biyê in the Bêgova subdistrict in Zakho on October 29.