Actions in Response to the Global Call for Solidarity with Rojava

Published January 29, 2019


Revolutionaries around the world participated in a global day of action in support of the forces in Rojava and against the threat of invasion by the Turkish State. The actions responded to a call by the International Commune, a civil project of internationalists. They were executed under the hashtags #Fight4Rojava and #RiseUp4Rojava. These actions took place on the 26th and 27th of January.


Revolutionary youth and militants of YPG/J Defense Group-London (YDG-L) carried out an action against the military support of English companies for the fascist regime of Erdogan.


Rheinmetall was blockaded in Unterluess. Rheinmetall is a weapons manufacturing company. From their statement: “Our goal was to disrupt weapon production by blocking the early shift. On several access roads we have built roadblocks with the help of construction site barriers. This blocked the access to Unterluess to delay the construction of weapons. … We refer in our action to the “Global Days of Action” to prevent the upcoming war of aggression on Rojava / North Syria.”


ATMs were sabotaged in support of Rojava. Many banks around the world are profiting from the war of the fascist regime of Erdogan against the Kurdish Freedom Movement.


Credit Suisse in Basel was blockaded. From the leaflet: ”Many Swiss companies are working closely with the Erdogan regime, and Credit Suisse is just one of many examples."


Mural in Zurich, Switzerland reads: “Defend the Women’s Revolution!”


Banner reads: “From Helsinki to Afrin: Fascists Go to Hell”

Los Angeles

Demonstration in front of the Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles.

New York

Graffiti action in New York City by RAM-NYC.

New Haven

Mural in New Haven, Connecticut by RAM-Elm City.


Banner from a protest at the Turkish consulate in Athens, Greece, solidarity with Rojava. “States engender hatred and division.”