Gas Masks for the Guerrillas

Published December 23, 2018

Gas Masks for the Guerrillas

The guerrillas in the Kurdish mountains have been in a war against the Turkish army since 2015. This is a response to the peace process broken down by Turkey. In this war, Turkey is using poison gas. In order to protect the fighters and for them to remain armed, we want to support the revolutionary guerrillas with gas masks. An important base of the revolutionary liberation movement is the mountains in northern Iraq. The guerrillas are far superior in action due to their decades of experience. The Turkish State therefore relies on attacks from the air, including poison gas. In addition to tons of TNT, chemical weapons are also being used. As in the case of the HPG, the guerrilla units report that bombs are regularly dropped that bring a deadly cloud. The poison gas is also used on bunkers and caves, which can not be attacked with conventional bombing. The guerrillas have made a call and want immediate support. That’s why we say the guerrillas need gas masks!

The guerrillas in the mountains of Iraq and Rojava have had huge victories against the Islamic State, and were universally applauded for their combat, a large part of the world’s population remains silent on these chemical weapon attacks.

We want to change this.

Gas masks can be bought or donated from private stocks. In order to be able to support the guerrillas most efficiently, we call for donations to the account below. With the donations we will buy gas masks and organize logistics. However, we must not be content to express our solidarity solely through donations and international support. International solidarity always means: fight yourself!

Switzerland maintains close political and economic relations with the AKP regime. And as a capitalist state, Switzerland - as well as Germany and the US - is involved in global exploitation and repression. Switzerland continues to export weapons and ammunition to Turkey. To properly defend of the revolutionary perspective we must strengthen the revolutionary forces here. And conversely: to strengthen our battles, we must defend the revolution in Kurdistan!

Account number: be 58 3101 1646 7279 use “gas masks”

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