The Struggle Continues: Fugitive Greek Anarchists Recaptured

Published February 6, 2020


Last summer anarchist prisoner Giannis Michailidis escaped from Tyrintha prison in Greece. The comrade, who had remained in hiding since then, was arrested again last Wednesday, January 28, in the area of Agia Paraskevi, in Athens, circulating in a vehicle allegedly stolen and accompanied by the also anarchist fugitive Konstantina Athanasopoulou.

Giannis Michailidis is one of the 4 anarchists arrested in February 2013 for a double frustrated expropriation to bank offices in Velvendós, Kozani (northern Greece), facts for which he received a sentence of 16 years and 4 months that He was serving at the time of his escape, along with another additional 15-year sentence handed down in 2015 for his alleged involvement in a shooting against the police in Pefki in May 2011 (where two timbers were injured but also seriously wounded by a bullet and arrested the anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos). During the entire period that he remained in prison, Giannis did not cease to sympathize with other anarchist prisoners, hunger strikes and other actions, or to provide writings and positions in the face of different debates and campaigns. In addition, he is also known for his arrest in February 2011 when he attacked with a bow and arrows the police who protected the Greek Parliament building at Syntagma Square in Athens. On the other hand, the anarchist Konstantina Athanasopoulou was arrested along with the fugitive then Pola Roupa, a member of the urban guerrilla anarchist Revolutionary Struggle, and claimed herself as a member of the organization. After being released on bail, she decided to flee and being in hiding in 2019 was declared in absentia at 35 years and 6 months in jail.


31.01.2020: According to information published in Athens Indymedia and in the Greek corporate press, the companions Giannis Michailidis, Konstantina Athanasopoulou and another unidentified woman were captured in a car allegedly stolen in the suburb of Agia Paraskevi, in Athens, on Wednesday.

The anti-terrorist police are claiming that they found a Kalashnikov rifle, a submachine gun, a gun, stolen license plates and other items inside the vehicle.

The partners have so far been accused of 4 serious crimes and 6 minor crimes, including membership in a criminal organization and illegal possession of weapons.

Comrade Giannis Michailidis escaped from Tyrintha agricultural prison in June 2019. He was originally arrested in February 2013 for the double armed robbery that took place in Velvendós, along with fellow anarchists Nikos Romanós, Dimitris Politis and Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos. He was also serving a sentence for an attack against the police in Pefki in May 2011. Giannis is also known as “the Syntagma archer” since, in February 2011, in riots during a general strike, he was arrested for attacking with a bow and some arrows to the riot police that the Greek Parliament protected in Syntagma Square (Athens).

Comrade Konstantina Athanasopoulou had been on the run after she was released on bail for activities related to the Revolutionary Struggle organization. She was sentenced in absentia in 2019 to 35 years and 6 months.

International anarchist solidarity with fellow arrests!

From: La Rebelión de las Palabras