Freedom Sought for Miguel López Vega

Published January 28, 2020

Freedom Sought for Miguel López Vega

Miguel López Vega,defender of the Metlapanapa river and popular communicator of the Zacatepec Community Radio and councilor of the Indigenous Government Council of the CNI has been kidnapped by the state. Uprisings and road bloacks have ensued in protest.

Miguel López Vega

Nahua communities of the municipality of Juan C Bonilla close the road in protest to the arrest of Miguel López Vega

Miguel López Vega

Santa María Zacatepec closes the federal highway until fellow Miguel López is released.

Communiqué of the Front of Peoples in Defense of Land and Water, of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala FPDTA-MPT:

Mere statements of the use of stones and Molotov bombs in a demonstration cannot imply informal pretrial detention: Criminalization is clear.

Our colleague Miguel López Vega, community representative of Santa María Zacatepec, popular communicator of the Zacatepec Community Radio and councilor of the Indigenous Government Council of the CNI, after being unjustly detained, was denied his right to take the process free on on January 25, 2020 under the pretext that the facts constituting crimes are serious due to the possible use of weapons and explosives.

This criterion applied to Miguel, is a precedent and greater risk to any person who in Puebla or Mexico attends a demonstration and in it, there is a burned vehicle, which implies that, with the simple declaration of public officials who claim to have seen the person throwing a molotov bomb or stones, for the public prosecutor and the judge are sufficient evidence to prove as true the facts that the person could commit one of the most serious crimes in Mexico, such as the use of weapons and explosives, and then be held in informal prison.

That is, any person, when they are in a demonstration or passing by, if two witnesses who are interested in imprisoning her, accuse her of throwing stones and having seen her throwing a Molotov bomb to burn a vehicle (in many cases the same government and provocateurs those who burn the vehicles), sufficient facts so that the person remains in jail, without the right to bail and a due defense in freedom.

Two statements with conflicts of interest are the only evidence that unfairly justify the informal detention of the defender of the territory.

In the same way Miguel is criminalized for performing his duties as Community Representative of Santa María Zacatepec, because when he declared at the hearing that the reason for his presence on October 30, 2019, was to perform his duties as community representative of the people, to ask the companies that were working in their territory, the permits that guarantee the technical and environmental viability of the work, that is, declarations for the Public Prosecutor that precisely accuse him, for accepting that he was in the place of the facts and that it is Leader of a group of people.

Since Miguel explained that he came, because the population refuses to pollute the Metlapanapa River that is part of the community and that Miguel, as a community representative, has the obligation to monitor and protect their territory and represent their community in those matters, as established by its system of uses and customs on said charge, but that did not commit any wrongful act or action to stop the work. Criminalizing the system of uses and customs of Santa María Zacatepec.

These are some of the legal data, which demonstrate the injustice committed against Miguel and that legitimize the just anger of the people of Santa María Zacatepec that demands their immediate release.

Immediate freedom to Miguel López Vega! Samir Live, the fight goes on! No to the pollution of the Metlapanapa River! No to PIM! T’neki uan atl for tenochti, I love timikiske for tumi - We want land and water for everyone, not to die for money

Miguel López Vega

CNI - CIG statement for the arrest of fellow Miguel López Vega. To the people of Mexico To the Resistance and Rebellion Networks To the Sixth National and International To the media

The National Indigenous Congress and the Indigenous Government Council denounced the cowardly detention of our colleague Miguel López Vega, delegate of the National Indigenous Congress, member of the Zacatepec community radio and part of the People’s Front in Defense of Land and Water of Puebla, Morelos and Tlaxcala, by people armed with bad government who, without identifying themselves, deprived Miguel of freedom for an alleged arrest warrant.

The kidnapping of our partner on the outskirts of the General Secretariat of Government at 2:30 pm today, January 24, is the response of those who say that they govern this country to the determination of the original peoples to prevent destruction and pollution industrial water of the Metlapanapa River, is the repression of seeing life where they see money impregnated with the pain of our people.

As peoples of the CNI-CIG, we express our opposition to the destruction and privatization of the Metlapanapa River, which together with the other megaprojects of death, intend to subject our country to mourning and war.

We demand the immediate freedom of fellow Miguel López Vega.

Sincerely January 2020 Never again a Mexico without Us National Indigenous Congress Indigenous Government Council

Miguel López Vega

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