Former Guerrilla Mauricio Hernandez Norambuena Extradited from Brazil to Chile

Published August 26, 2019

Mauricio Hernandez Norambuena

Mauricio Hernandez Norambuena, a former guerrilla, imprisoned for the assassination of Senator Jaime Guzmán, a close ally of the fascist dictator Pinochet, was extradited from Brazil to Chile on August 20.

Mauricio Hernandez Norambuena, a member of the revolutionary armed struggle group Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR), was convicted in Chile of the 1991 murder of Chilean Senator Jaime Guzman. Hernandez eventually escaped to Cuba and to Brazil, where he was jailed 10 years later for kidnapping advertising executive Washington Olivetto in Sao Paulo.

Brazil’s fascist president, Jair Bolsonaro said on social media that his government’s decision to extradite Hernandez for the decades-old crime was proof the two countries were overcoming former differences.

Previous Brazilian governments had denied Chile’s requests for extradition.

Brazil’s minister of justice and public security, Sergio Moro, said Norambuena was due to serve a prison sentence of up to 30 years in Chile.

In 1996, Hernandez escaped from a maximum-security prison in Santiago with fellow guerrillas in a metal basket dangling from a helicopter, humiliating Chile’s nascent democratic government and stunning the world.

The following is a translated statement on the extradtion by Spanish-language anarchist website Publicacion Refractario:

During the early hours of August 20, 2019, the coordination of the Brazilian and Chilean states will be concretized in the transfer of Mauricio Hernandez Norambuena, a Rodriguista, convicted of various actions of armed struggle in Chile and Brazil. The specific situation was motivated by the eternal craving for revenge by the powerful, after getting out of the maddening isolation in which Mauricio was confined, he could begin to opt for benefits and in this situation they preferred to lower the sentence in Chile to be able to make effective the extradition and continue with his confinement.

The sentence that Mauricio must serve in Chile is 27 years (30-3 already completed before the escape), even though the defense will seek to appeal and reduce that sentence. He is currently being held in the Maximum Security section of the High Security Prison.

Beyond the news media or the explosion of solidarity by sectors of the left that seems to be unaware of the reality of other prisoners in Chilean prisons, we would like to say a few words about this new reality.

From anarchic and anti-authoritarian positions, there are quite a few differences with the structure of the FPMR or with certain positions of Rodriguismo, from the sense of Homeland, the Marxist-Leninist conception, verticality or the positive assessment of Cuban or Chavista processes, just to name a few. Even with these distances, we have always known the value and trajectory of those non-repentant revolutionaries; we have always maintained it despite several criticisms that have been made to us. Today as yesterday, we say again: All possible differences but also all existing unions.

We believe that it is important not to fall into passivity or indifference, but that does not mean joining unquestionably in positions with which we have always kept distance; it is important to keep that in mind and right from there, from an anarchic and informal position, to build solidarity strategies against prison. That said, we are deeply glad that Mauricio could be closer to his emotional surroundings, as well as his departure from the infamous isolation regime in Brazilian prisons.

Solidarity with all the revolutionaries, no regrets!

For the destruction of all prisons!

Mauricio and all the prisoners of the social war: On the street!