For Lorenzo, for Rojava, for Freedom!

Published March 23, 2021

For Lorenzo, for Rojava, for Freedom!

March 18: For Lorenzo, for Rojava, for freedom!

Today, in Livorno, we remembered Lorenzo Orsetti in front of the partisan’s tombstone. Two years ago, a few days after his death in Baghouz when we found ourselves in this place, the war seemed to be close to the end. But the alternative experience of Rojava continues to defend itself from the War of States. About sixty people participated in this initiative of memory and struggle, organized by the Anarchist Libertarian collective and the Livornese anarchist federation, with interventions by Ex Caserma Occupata [Ex Occupied Barracks], Potere al Popolo [Power to the People] and some comrades of the Jin network. In the interventions, Lorenzo’s commitment was remembered as an anarchist alongside the revolutionary experience of Rojava, the value of social liberation and of the alternative experience underway in those regions, crushed by the wars. Solidarity was expressed to Eddi Marcucci and all the comrades that in Italy, as in other countries, have been and are still persecuted for their internationalist commitment. The dramatic situation of all those who are condemned in prisons, anywhere in the world, in particular political prisoners in Turkey, was also remembered. In particular, the appeals have been remembered in the last few days for solidarity initiatives with Öcalan and the other buried political prisoners that live in the IMRALI prison island, who since April 27 last year have no contact with their lawyers.

On March 18, it is also a symbolic date for international revolutionary movements; today is 150 years after the insurgence of the Paris Commune and 100 years after the fall of the Commune of Kronstadt. The social revolution is today the only potential perspective in the face of the failure of the State, capital and the patriarchy that globally widens the authoritarian grip on billions of people, pursuant to maintain power privileges and profits.

Below is the convening text of today’s garrison: For Lorenzo, for Rojava, for freedom

Thursday 18 March 2021 18 pm

In front of the partisan’s tombstone

Two years ago, Lorenzo Orsetti was killed in Baghouz, in the north east of Syria, while he fought for freedom and internationalism. Following the ideals of justice, freedom and equality, he had chosen to join the fight of the populations of Rojava and YPG / YPJ in 2017, fighting against the Islamic State alongside Tikko and in the last months, in Tekoşina Anarşist (Anarchist Struggle), with the Nom de Guerre of Tekoşer Piling.

In these two years, the Turkish state continued with bombing and attacks by land to bring the war against the population and the Kurdish liberation movement in Rojava and northern Iraq. This war aims to cancel that prospect of peace and radical change of the company for which Lorenzo has fought, sacrificing his life.

This war against freedom is conducted not only from Turkey, but from all states. Because an alternative experience like that of Rojava is in itself a threat to the hegemonic and war dimension produced by the states. But also because such an example risks reflecting the hope of the social revolution even in other parts of the world. For this reason, in Italy, as well as in Germany, France and other countries, comrades who have directly supported the struggle of the people of Rojava have been or are still subject to the persecution of the State.

We invite you to participate in the defense, those who want to remember Lorenzo, express support for Rojava and express solidarity with all comrades that in Italy are persecuted for their internationalist commitment

Libertarian anarchist collective

Livorno Anarchist Federation

Via Anarchici Livornesi