For a Black December

Published December 2, 2018

For a Black December

The following is a transnational call for a black December from Chile.

December has been a month marked with the insurgent memory of anarchic ones who rise up in open antagonism with whatever form of authority.

December 2018 will be the 10th year since the comrade Alexandros Grigoropoulos was taken from the streets, assassinated by police bullets in Exarchia, Greece in 2008.

It is also the month during which, 5 years ago, the comrade Sebastian Oversluij died, killed by the bullets of a mercenary of capital during a bank expropriation in 2013 in Chile.

Because the memory of our dead is fuel to stoke the flame of our life in permanent revolt, Black December is again a meeting point of multiform action and reflection on ourselves, our forces as a combative minority, and the current faces of the totalitarian enemy: authority and its world of hierarchies, fascism, patriarchy and the many expressions of the desire for supremacy of some over others.

Once more, Black December remains an invitation to insurgent communication of the wild heat of offensive action against power.

Iconoclastic memory with our dead.

Offensive solidarity with the companions facing repression in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Italy, Greece and all the world.

For a Black December, long live anarchy!

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