Flaming Barricades in Memory of Murdered Anarchist Carlo Giuliani in Santiago, Chile

Published July 24, 2019

Comrades erected flaming barricades made of tires in Santiago, Chile, in protest and in memory of murdered anarchist Carlo Giuliani, who was shot dead by police on July 20th, 2001 in Genoa, Italy during anti-G8 protests.

23-year-old anarchist Carlo Giuliani was killed by Mario Placanica, a cop, during the clashes that broke out after the police attacks in the afternoon. Images show Giuliani throwing a fire extinguisher at a police vehicle before he was shot and then run over twice by the Land Rover during clashes with police forces.

Carlo Guiliani, never forgive, never forget! Fight back!

From: https://twitter.com/th1an1/status/1154130626867617794 & https://mpalothia.net/carlo-giuliani-murdered-by-cops-never-forgive-never-forget-carlovive/