Fire and Flames for Police Station No. 21 in Hamburg, Germany

Published October 5, 2020

Fire and Flames for Police Station No. 21 in Hamburg, Germany

On September 28, we set fire to a police van in front of the Mörkenstraße police station in the Altona district. The fire brigade, whose fire station is nearby, could not prevent its complete destruction.

Solidarity with the three of the Park bench! Solidarity with Liebigstraße 34!

In the 2010s, Police Station 21 acted rather ineffectively against rioting and rebel activity in its area of activity. Several violent rallies took place in front of the house of the then mayor, and current Minister of Finance, Scholz, which is located almost next to the police station, paint was thrown on the house, a police structure placed in front of the house was demolished and a police bus standing guard was set on fire. In the south of the area of activity of the police station 21, in the streets Breite Straße, Palmaille, Große Elbstraße, Klopstockstraße, Elbchaussee, real estate offices, upper-class residential buildings, shipping companies (involved in colonial crimes or in the uranium trade) have been attacked on several occasions. Cars of “Deutsche See” (which empties the sea with fishing) and “Frischeparadies” (which fills the stomachs of the rich) were set on fire. In the nearby town of Ottensen, a Dennsbio supermarket was looted. And then, during the G20 summit, a black block made its way between Donners-Park and the Große Bergstrasse shopping center, a few hundred meters from the police station. The plainclothes cops had to watch helplessly as the mall was destroyed. During the night, plainclothes cops from the Mörkenstrasse station drove to the northern district, equipped with mountain bikes, pepper spray, telescopic batons, etc. In Arnkielstraße, they beat up and arrested three people suspected of building barricades, forced one person into the trunk of an unmarked car, and a cop sat on the trunk. This brutal arrest caused a local resident to call the police to report a kidnapping (!).

On the anniversary of the G20 riots, luxury cars burned down on Rainvilleterasse.

A year later, plainclothes cops from Station 21 were on the Altonaer Balkon (probably because of the date, they assumed there might have been some actons).

That night, July 8, 2019, however, they were sent to a green space on Meißnerstraße in Eimsbüttel. It was there that, on a bench in the park, they stopped 3 comrades and brought them to the station, which was “in charge of them,” in Troplowitzstraße. State Security, which had been relatively unsuccessful for decades, quickly presented the arrest as a mega-success against left-wing activists.

However, the two main objectives of this operation, namely first to shed light on the militant initiatives of the 2010s at least and, second, to prevent militant actions for the future, were not achieved.

Despite months of observation by a special mobile unit, wiretapping and surveillance of several locations with cameras, the State Security could not present any valid evidence. They don’t even know what was supposed to have happened that night. But at least they were able to take revenge on those arrested, who have now been in preventive detention for 15 months or who must report to the police station.

We call on everyone to fight alongside the residents on October 9, 2020, the day of the planned eviction from squat Liebigstraße 34, in Friedrichshain, Berlin, or to act in solidarity before that date. Eviction intentions are central to the pacification of a relatively rebellious northern neighborhood [of Friedrichshain; NdAtt.] and should in perspective allow them to break the struggles in Berlin for a city of solidarity against the city of the rich.

A lot of strength to the inhabitants of Liebig 34!

Stop to the investigation for section 129 [criminal association; NdAtt.] in Berlin and Athens, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Leipzig, Saxony and Thuringia.

We dedicate this action to Olaf Ritzmann, who 40 years ago, in August 1980, during a visit by FJ Strauß [a far-right wing politician] for the Bundestag [fedeal parliament] election campaign, was driven by cops in front of an S-Bahn train from the station of Sternschanze and died at the age of only 16.