Federal Courthouse Set on Fire in Portland

Published March 13, 2021

Federal Courthouse Set on Fire in Portland

Revolutionaries set fire to the federal courthouse in Portland, Ore., on Thursday evening in renewed clashes between demonstrators and federal police.

The attack on the courthouse came one day after authorities removed fencing initially erected over the summer, in response to continued riots following the murder of George Floyd, a Black man killed by pigs in Minneapolis.

The revolutionaries forced their way into the courthouse while chanting “fuck the United States!” Later in the evening, militants set a fire outside the courthouse entrance.

Federal pigs from the Department of Homeland Security clashed with militants and attempted to force them away from the building.

Revolutionaries gathered to attack the courthouse for weeks during the summer of 2020, and have also marched on Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home.

This attack signals the renewal of the nationwide uprising that began following the murder of George Floyd last summer.