Fascist Bolivian State's Policies Lead to Prison Rebellion and Mass Protests

Published May 13, 2020

Fascist Bolivian State's Policies Lead to Prison Rebellion and Mass Protests

Hundreds of people were violently repressed by security forces Monday in the Bolivian K’ara K’ara community located in Cochabamba city, as they took to the streets to demand that the coup regime eases the COVID-19 lockdown as they cannot afford it anymore.

Bolivian police forces also repressed, on May 11th, a prisoner revolt in Palmasola prison, in Santa Cruz city. Prisoners protested due to a Covid-19 outbreak among the prison population.

Videos circulating on social media showed demonstrators in the streets fiercely defending themselves against a horrible attack by the pig state, injuring several people.

“We are hungry!” people screamed in defiance of the state’s ill conceived policies.

Gripped by despair and without access to food, protesters were forced to break their quarantine to demand aid and tell authorities they can no longer survive under the measures imposed by Bolivia’s regime.

“They say: We will help you with food baskets, we will give you drinking water. But that help never comes, comrades!” protesters denounced.

All around the world governments have enacted quarantine measures to combat the spread of the virus, yet rarely gave adequate assistance to people to survive.

Meanwhile, at the Palmasola penitentiary two prisoners died from COVID. Prisoners said there have been no changes implemented to protect them, and they are demanding for basic hygiene measures.

Palmasola is the largest Bolivian prison. The penitentiary center hosting capacity of 800 inmates. Currently, it is overcrowded housing over 6,000 inmates.