Explosive Attack on BancoEstado and Copesa in Santiago, Chile

Published December 12, 2018

Explosive Attack on BancoEstado and Copesa in Santiago, Chile

An explosive attack was carried out on BancoEstado on Av. Apoquindo # 4660, in Santiago Chile at dawn on Tuesday, December 11. It was carried out in memory of the fallen fighter Sebastián Oversluij Seguel, also known as Angry. He was executed by William Vera, an Army reservist and bank watchman during a bank expropriation.


From the claim for the action: “Remembering that morning destroys our souls. And it is that we are not soldiers who are incapable of feeling, we are revolutionary, and losing one of our people in these circumstances deeply affects us, even to this day. Especially since we know that comrades like Angry are very few. That’s why it hurts us, because we know that the loss was immeasurable.

To begin, it should be known that the Chilean Army financed, precisely, through BancoEstado, by means of four current accounts identified with the numbers 9017674, 9023771, 12973 and 108024500, which receive their income of 10% of the total sales of Codelco, justifying this privilege in the famous Copper Reserved Law, which has its origin under the dictatorship of paco Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, who only 5 years after founding the “Bank of all Chileans” (1953) promulgates this law, with which they inject important sums of money to the military family.

From then on, their relationship becomes evident.

In fact, it is known that the armed forces hold important privileges for the defense of Capital. Starting out because their social security system is completely different from that of the rest of the civilian population, which is listed under the AFP regime; these garbage receive their retirements from the Dipres, which considerably increases their amounts. While the majority of workers must accumulate large sums of money for old age (which by the way-and through various mechanisms-are stolen, leaving miserable pensions), former uniformed workers receive a 90% fiscal contribution, while only a tiny 10% is taken out of their own contributions. That 90% comes from one of the BancoEstado accounts.

Translating this data to real numbers, for example, for an officer in retirement, his pension would be 866 thousand pesos (on average), while that of a worker on equal terms would be only 190 thousand pesos (average). An inequality that does not fit under any logic.

Another benefit that thy have is that of Montepío, which allows unmarried daughters of retirees from the three branches of the Armed Forces, Carabineros and Gendarmerie, to inherit pensions for life when their parents die. Real madness? If that is not the Patriarchy in its most rotten manifestation, then what is it?

And we still have not mentioned other luxuries destined to “brave soldiers”. Soccer fields, tennis, swimming pools, recreation and summer places, hospitals with the highest technology, vehicles, helicopters, condominiums for ellxs and their families, consumer loans with low interest rate, free trainings, trips, clothing, security, communication systems, etc, etc, etc.

All these privileges (and many more) are financed through the secret accounts maintained by the Army with BancoEstado. What’s more, one of the most striking features of this economic fund is that there are few who know how many billions of dollars it contains, where it is invested or exactly what is spent.

In this way, attacking BancoEstado, we are directly attacking one of the main financing channels used by the Army and the horde of murderers, corrupt and privileged inside. Therefore, more than justified, the attack on this den becomes strictly necessary!

For all these reasons it is that we attack them.

However, and despite the fact that the main reasons for our attack are explained in the previous paragraphs, we could only offer to know that, despite not having sought, our explosive device also hit (even slightly) the corporate building of Copesa, accomplices and concealers not only of the lie they installed as truth about the death of our brother through their main newspaper, but also of the infinity of slanders they have raised against our comrades, their environments and projects, since the journalists working in this place are simple puppets of the interests of Álvaro Saieh and company.

We do not want to end these words without first sending a salute full of insurrectional vitality to two valuable companions who in their recent past also knew how to confront milicxsdesquiciadxs. We refer to Juan Aliste Vega and Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, subversive prisoners and revolutionaries condemned after the mediatic Security Case, with evidence born and manipulated under the strict suspicion of military jurisprudence after the assault on a wealth accumulation center (Banco Security) for the year 2007. In the past as well as in the present, they have faced with dignity the revenge of the economic and military apparatus of the State of Chile. Cheer up comrades: they are an example of struggle both inside and outside the walls of prisons!

To sabotage the financial and military apparatus of the Capital !! Multiply the attacks to the Power Centers !! ¡Presxs Políticxs in Guerra a la Kalle !! As long as there is misery, there will be rebellion !! SebastianOversluij Presente !!

Michelle Angiolillo Iconoclastic Circle / Antagonistic Cells of the New Urban Guerrilla”