Explosive Attack Against the 4th Police Station of Talca, Chile

Published November 30, 2020

Explosive Attack Against the 4th Police Station of Talca, Chile


It exploded in their hands, the bastards. But let it be clear that it is not a simple personal attack, it is a declaration of eternal and constant war on your institution and on the society that “needs” it.

We moved silently among you, under your noses and you haven’t even smelled us: Who is the prey now?… Keep sticking around identifying those responsible, any answer you find will be wrong.

-To all those who classify each attack action without morals as a montage: do not lull the anger, there are beings willing to attack at any time. Our only regret is the low lethality of the artifact and, failing that, we hope that the bastards feel fear for their lives, and that government agencies spend dirty money, energy and time on investigations without result.

-To the reformists and “revolutionaries”: stop acting and speaking as victims, some of us choose to be feared and not humiliated, the only thing we could lose is the chains. To multiply the relentless attacks without warning!

-To the imbeciles who thought that this attack was orchestrated by narcos: We equally detest cops and narcos, we know that they go hand in hand, and even more so in the 4th. The cops of the 4th have had enough deference with all the traffickers of the northern neighborhood, that they are not surprised by the “monetary contributions” that their team may receive.

Finally, there is nothing left but to allude to all the prisoners and fallen comrades: Monica, Francisco, JoaquĆ­n, Kevin, Niger, Juan, Freddy, Nelson and so many others that I forget their names, but not their actions. Greetings from the shadows of the Maule Valley.

Consistent war against society!

Down with la kana!

“Faceless entities, nothing and nobody that you know”

Spring 2020, $hilean Territory

From: https://es-contrainfo.espiv.net/2020/11/30/estado-chileno-adjudicacion-de-atentado-explosivo-contra-la-4ta-comisaria-de-carabineros-de-talca/