Explosive Attack against Banjército Military Bank in Mexico

Published May 25, 2021

Explosive Attack against Banjadito Military Bank in Mexico

Just a few minutes after midnight on May 23, 2021, we place an explosive device, made with gun powder and butane gas, with the aim of destroying Banjército facilities in Mexico City, an objective we fulfilled.

We did it because…


We remember Mauricio Morales, a Chilean anarchist companion that tragically died on May 22, 2009, by transporting an explosive device that apparently was going to the school of prison guards in the Matta neighborhood, Santiago. This comrade is present!

Let’s take the call to the action convened by the anarchist prisoners in the world. From Mexico, to Greece, from Montevideo, to Belgium!! From Argentina to the United Kingdom, that the armed joy continues to find us!!!

We condemn the repressive operations against anarchists in the United Kingdom and the global networks of counterinformation. We are in full solidarity with those who face repression in the United Kingdom, as well as with comrades from 325, Anarchist Black Cross Berlin, Northshore Counter-Info, Montreal Counter-Info and ACT for Freedom Now.


We repudiate Mexican militarism. Today, we live in Mexico in a reinforced militarist regime. The Government of Andrès Manuel Lòpez Obrador has deepened the expansion of political influence, presence and access to resources of military bodies; Increasing its power, doubling its budget and extending the area of ​​influence of it: to deliver to the military areas such as migration, ports and customs, distribution of social programs, and public security. This, of course, has caused a painful deepening of social verticalization, making social hierarchies increasingly rigid. And what is the result? More violence against exploited classes, forced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, sexual torture, increase of feminicides; all this punishing, as always, with more stress on the welfare of those who create life: women. And then, when mothers, looking for their missing children cry in horror, what does the Mexican state do for them?! Mockery and disdain is the only thing they have received from Lòpez Obrador! But, what is the cause of so much indolence? We think that if this system is indolent before our cries, it is because it is precisely our pain that is the condition of the continuation of this order of exploitation; that is the structure of this monster that feeds on our blood and from our bodies! Without the value we created, without the life we ​​give, without the bodies that we take care of how could life be reproduced to be sucked out by this order? That is why neither the state nor the patriarchy nor capitalism will stop by themselves this massacre; we are going to have to stop it ourselves!

We were not born women, they made us women. Well now we vote! And since this, look, we say clearly: we will not allow its expansion, never more docile beings before their death order and misery!


The night of Monday, May 3, an elevated section of the México city metro collapsed, the number of deaths amounts to 26 and at least 10 of those hospitalized are seriously injured. All the guilty, officials, capitalists, and murderous minions, we tell you: Be very afraid, because we are going for you, and we can be closer to you than you think.

The Morning of May 18, a group of 95 students (74 women) was kidnapped by the Mexican State, in a cowardly act of criminalization of social protest. We demand their immediate freedom. Down with the walls of prisons! All prisoners are political!

Soon come the elections in Mexico. We repudiate the State! We will not let it sleep! Ignite the revolt!

Let’s see the flame! Let’s live your joy!!! Let’s destroy this order!!! Long live anarchy!

By the informal group of Insurrectional Anarcha-Feminist Action

Lupe La Camelina

Mexico City, May 23, 2021

P.S. The bourgeois media in Mexico hid this action. That only confirms the classes' consensus for power. And it reiterates our conviction to overflow the argument and the action. If we bother them, if they want to shut us up, it means that we are on the right track. They will not shut us up!

From: https://es-contrainfo.espiv.net/2021/05/25/estado-mexicano-adjudicacion-de-atentado-explosivo-contra-banjercito/