Explosion and Fire in Response to Police Murder of Stanislav Tomáš in Czech Republic

Published July 20, 2021

Explosion and Fire in Response to Police Murder of Romani Man in Czech Republic

The police protect the rich. They defend their power and property they have because they exploit workers.

Police act hard against poor people. He holds them with violence and his threat in obedience and poverty. Some also kills. Like Stanislav Tomáš in Teplice. [Stanislav Tomáš, a Roma man, was murdered by police, who knelt on his neck for over six minutes in Teplice, Czech Republic.]

Inside the comfort zone of the riches, on the outskirts of Teplice, July 12, 2021, we intentionally established fire. This morning, snaps in the villas awakened small explosions and flames.

This is anger directed against the rich and their police security guard.

This is a restlessness that is provoked by police brutality.

This is a nightmare that disrupts their sleep.

Police is a global gang terrorizing poor and uprooted population. But all over the world also comes inspiring responses against their brutality. In Portland, Chile, Bremen, Brussels, Mexico, Athens, Kiev, France, Berlin, New York, Bristol, Patras, USA …

The resistance is everywhere, where there is police violence. Now also in Teplice.

From: https://jiskra.noblogs.org/post/2021/07/16/explosion-and-fire-in-the-comfort-zone-of-the-rich/