Escape From a Migrant Prison in Italy

Published August 12, 2019

Escape From a Migrant Prison in Italy

A new escape attempt in an Italian migrant prison (CPR) in Corso Brunelleschi (Turin) took place at 7pm, July 21. Although the majority of migrants who fled were recaptured (and police forces, in retaliation, injured several people), at least one boy from the red zone of the prison managed to escape.

It seems that in recent weeks, prisoners in the CPR have been reviving the arsenal and fighting instruments at their disposal. There have been not only fires and leaks, but two days ago a couple of boys climbed onto the roof of their unit to protest against the lack of medical attention for another boy who was feeling sick and, in the case of one of the two, also to demand a response to your request for voluntary repatriation.

Back in the summer of 2011, leaks and revolts spread in migrant centers across the country. Maybe not because of its length and quantity, but the intensity of what continues to happen in the CPR in Turin, and the massive escape in Ponte Galeria in early July, shows a fury that the troops hired by the State are having trouble controling.